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Recognized for more than 39 years for its core competence in discrete Power Rectifiers, Taiwan Semiconductor has expanded its product portfolio to include Trench Schottkys,  MOSFETs, Power Transistors, LED Driver ICs, Analog ICs and ESD Protection Devices, and now provides a complete solution from one source. Taiwan Semiconductor products are used in a vast array of applications in the electronics industry, including automotive, computer, consumer, industrial, telecom and photovoltaic. Through strategic expansion of innovative manufacturing capabilities, and its focus on pioneering efficient semiconductor solutions.

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16th May 2024
Taiwan Semiconductor introduces new Zener diodes series

Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs, and ESD protection devices, announces its new series of Zener diodes with a selection of devices providing regulated voltages from 1.8VDC to 39VDC, all with ultra-low bias current (IZT) of 50µA and maximum power dissipation (PD) of 500mW.

12th April 2024
Taiwan Semiconductor’s new integrated AMR sensor

Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics, LED drivers, ESD protection and analog ICs, announces a new fully integrated Anisotropic Magneto Resistance (AMR) sensor that replaces reed switches and hall effect sensors in industrial applications.

28th February 2024
Taiwan Semiconductor introduces 400V/600V rectifiers

Taiwan Semiconductor has announced its new line of automotive-qualified rectifiers featuring ESD withstand capability.

1st November 2023
Taiwan Semiconductor’s new ESD devices target wearables

Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs, and ESD protection devices, announces its new TESD Series of single-channel ESD clamping diodes offering size and performance specifications optimised for wearable applications.

28th September 2023
Taiwan Semiconductor’s ThinDPAK Schottkys deliver power density upgrades

Taiwan Semiconductor, a global supplier of discrete power electronics devices, LED drivers, analog ICs, and ESD protection devices, announces its new ThinDPAK family of fast-recovery Schottky rectifiers.

27th September 2023
Schottky rectifiers come in 1.3mm package

Taiwan Semiconductor has released its new ThinDPAK family of ultra-fast-recovery Schottky rectifiers.

23rd March 2023
600V FREDs enhance thermal performance

Taiwan Semiconductor has expanded its line of Fast Recovery Epitaxial Diodes (FREDs).

17th February 2023
ESD devices protect at high frequency data rates

The TESD Series of ultra-low-capacitance ESD protection devices has been introduced by Taiwan Semiconductor.

11th November 2019
Automotive-certified Schottky rectifiers are low profile

  Qualified to AEC-Q1010, the TSUPxM45SH and TSUPxM60SH are 45V and 60V Trench Schottky rectifiers by Taiwan Semiconductor.

17th September 2019
Dual N-Channel power MOSFETs for improved density

Taiwan Semiconductor, a global manufacturer of discrete devices (diodes, MOSFETs) and power management ICs, has expanded its product portfolio with Dual N-Channel Power MOSFET in a PDFN56 dual package. Samples and products are in stock and available now.

9th July 2019
High side constant current regulator for linear LED driving

Taiwan Semiconductor has expanded its portfolio of automotive Lighting ICs. The TSCR400 and TSCR402 are high side Constant Current Regulators (CCR) for linear LED driving and regulate with presets of 0.1mA and 20mA nominal (respectively) that are adjustable with an external resistor up to 65mA. Taiwan Semiconductor designed them to drive LEDs in strings and they reduce current at increasing temperatures to self-protect.

28th June 2019
SMD bridge rectifier optimises high power applications

Taiwan Semiconductor has announced the introduction of SMD bridge rectifier - TBS series. The SMD bridge rectifier - TBS series (TBS406, TBS408, TBS410, TBS606, TBS608, TBS610) is designed to optimise higher power application and prevents arcing problems through increased creepage distance with a wider pin distance (3.6mm) between L to N. Designers benefit from a compact and thin profile package design with a profile...

30th January 2019
Pan-European collaboration announced with EBV Elektronik

Taiwan Semiconductor has announced the collaboration with EBV Elektronik, an Avnet Company. EBV Elektronik is a large distributor in Europe and will take over the distribution of the entire product range of Taiwan Semiconductor with immediate effect. As part of the global agreement, TSC parts will be available through Avnet in Asia and the United States.

21st November 2018
AEC-Q1010-qualifies load dump TVS diodes provide a second source option

  Uni-directional TVS diodes from Taiwan Semiconductor give automotive customers a second source option, with capacities and logistics services within Europe.

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