Schottky rectifiers come in 1.3mm package

27th September 2023
Mick Elliott

Taiwan Semiconductor has released its new ThinDPAK family of ultra-fast-recovery Schottky rectifiers.

Thin DPAK devices have the same footprint as standard DPAKs – but come in a thinner (1.33mm) package and offer superior power density and thermal performance.

Fully AEC-Q qualified with a maximum operating temperature (Tj, max) of 175°C and typical reverse-recovery time of 25ns, ThinDPAKs assure reliability in automotive power electronics, high-frequency inverters, steering diodes in HV applications, DC/DC converters, as freewheeling diodes, reverse battery protection, lighting and many other applications.

The planar Schottky topology of advanced ThinDPAK devices provides industry-leading rectification efficiency that dissipates less heat than alternatives.

For the heat that is dissipated, the new ThinDPAK devices’ thermal resistance (RjA) is 21.9% lower. Moreover, the devices save both weight and headroom compared to standard DPAKs.

“Our new ThinDPAKs are an excellent choice for optimising new designs – and also for upgrading the performance of existing designs,” said Sam Wang, vice president, TSC Products. “Although ThinDPAKs are thinner, their footprint is identical to standard DPAKs, allowing simple drop-in replacement and easy trial.”

The ThinDPAK series comprises a selection of 34 devices with reverse voltage (VVRRM) ratings from 45Vdc to 200Vdc with current ratings up to 150A. Devices are available in single and dual (common cathode) configurations.


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