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Test & Measurement
15th February 2024
SiTime complete and differentiated clock portfolio

SiTime has recently added a complete and differentiated line up of clock products to round out its extensive oscillator portfolio.

14th February 2024
MEMS precision timing for automotive reliability and safety

SiTime explores why MEMS precision timing upstages quartz for automotive reliability and safety.

4th January 2024
SiTime outlines top tech trends in 2024

Artificial intelligence (AI) has dominated headlines throughout 2023 and captivated our imagination with pivotal breakthroughs ranging from advancements in large language models and natural language processing to the deployment of AI in healthcare, finance, and autonomous systems.

7th November 2023
SiTime appoints new CFO and announces retirement of Art Chadwick

SiTime Corporation, a specialist in precision timing technology, has confirmed Beth Howe's appointment as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, effective 8th November 2023.

News & Analysis
3rd November 2023
SiTime acquires clock products from Aura Semiconductor

SiTime Corporation has entered into an exclusive agreement with Aura Semiconductor to acquire its clock products and license all of its clock IP.

20th September 2023
SiTime transforms precision timing with new Epoch Platform

SiTime, the precision timing company, announces the SiTime Epoch Platform, designed to solve the most complex timing issues in electronics and disrupt 100-year-old quartz-based technology.

22nd June 2023
Four megatrends in the automotive industry

The automotive industry is currently undergoing a massive transformation, fuelled by four major trends that are shaping the future of transportation: electrification, shared automobile models, active safety systems, and driving automation.

25th April 2023
SiTime family of oscillators aimed a addressing $100M market

SiTime has introduced its latest generation of automotive oscillators to enable higher safety for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment and car-to-home wireless connectivity. 

12th April 2023
Precision timing solution for low power FPGAs

SiTime, the precision timing company, has announced that it will provide its precision timing solutions to Lattice Semiconductor, the low power programmable specialist.

Mixed Signal/Analog
17th February 2023
SiTime promises 25x better timekeeping for aerospace and defence

SiTime Corporation has announced a 32 kHz MEMS Super-TCXO that sets a new performance benchmark for timekeeping components in electronics. The SiT7910 is part of the SiTime Endura ruggedised family for aerospace and defence applications. Devices that use GPS signals, such as ruggedised handheld radios, ground vehicles and sensors, can acquire and lock to GPS more quickly and securely with the 25x higher precision of this Super-TCXO.

27th January 2023
SiTime’s new Endura Oscillator Families, precision timing for Aerospace and Defence

SiTime,the precision timing company, has announced two new Endura precision timing oscillator families.

News & Analysis
16th January 2023
7 top tech trends – megatrends for 2023 and beyond

The challenges of 2022 will soon fade from our collective rearview mirror. The tech industry is exiting a tumultuous year impacted by multiple black swans including supply chain constraints, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, spikes in energy costs, rampant inflation and interest rate hikes impacting global markets.

12th December 2022
SiTime wins GSA’s Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Award

SiTime Corp. announced it has won the Global Semiconductor Alliance (GSA) Award for the Best Financially Managed Semiconductor Company Achieving up to $1 Billion in Annual Sales.

8th December 2022
SiTime announces a new precision timing platform, EliteRF

SiTime Corp. the precision timing company, announced a new precision timing platform, EliteRF, that simplifies timing architecture in wireless infrastructure.

7th December 2022
SiTime Precision Timing solution provides clocking for AMD Alveo X3 series platform

SiTime Corporation has announced that AMD is using SiTime MEMS precision timing solutions for its new Alveo X3 series, the first AMD network cards designed with screened FPGAs and optimised specifically for low latency electronic trading.

11th November 2022
SiTime’s precision oscillator for data centres and 5G infrastructure

SiTime Corp, the precision timing company, has announced the SiT5503 Elite X Super-TCXO, that raises the bar on timing performance in data centres and 5G infrastructure.

19th October 2022
SiTime expands automotive SAM with precision timing solutions

SiTime has introduced a low power 32kHz oscillator family that provides accurate time keeping for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), infotainment, instrument clusters and electronic control units (ECUs).

Artificial Intelligence
5th October 2022
SiTime delivers solution for Tesla Dojo AI supercomputer

SiTime Corporation has announced that it is delivering precision timing solutions for the Tesla Dojo System, featured in Tesla’s AI Day 2022.

28th September 2022
SiTime’s precision timing innovation for autonomous vehicles

SiTime Corporation, a specialist in precision timing, has introduced an automotive oscillator family, based on SiTime’s advanced MEMS technology.

16th March 2022
Precision timing market transformed for edge networks

SiTime Corporatio introduced the Elite X Super-TCXO for edge networks such as data centers, 5G front haul, connected cars and industrial IoT. In these applications, Elite X solves critical timing problems and enables delivery of new services.

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