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25th October 2012
SiTime’s Unique DCXOs Replace Quartz VCXOs in Telecom and Embedded Applications

SiTime Corporation today introduced the SiT3907 MEMS-based Digitally Controlled Oscillator. The SiT3907 DCXO is radically different than analog, quartz-based VCXOs as it offers an in-system digital control interface that is used for tuning the output frequency. This unique feature, along with 100 times better linearity and 8 times better pull range than quartz VCXOs, improves performance and enables simpler, more reliable systems.

13th July 2011
SiTime Introduces Industry’s First MEMS VCTCXO with ±0.5 PPM Stability

VCTCXO Products with 1 to 220 MHz Frequencies, Industrial Temperature and 500 fs Jitter are Optimized for Telecom, Networking, and Wireless Applications

Test & Measurement
29th June 2011
SiTime is First to Offer Complete Oscillator Solutions for Tablet PCs and E-Book Readers

Silicon MEMS Timing Solutions are Smallest, Thinnest, Shock and Vibration Proof

Test & Measurement
29th June 2011
SiTime Introduces Highest Performance MEMS Oscillators for Telecom, Networking, Storage and Wireless Applications

Encore-Based SiT820X Family offers 600 Femtoseconds Phase Jitter, 10 PPM Stability, 220 MHz Frequency Range and 1.8V – 3.3V Operation

Test & Measurement
18th May 2011
SiTime increases robustness and reliability of solid state drives (SSD) with all silicon MEMS Oscillators

SiTime Corporation, has introduced its complete portfolio of MEMS oscillators targeted at Solid State Drives (SSDs). SiTime’s all-silicon MEMS oscillators can withstand shocks of 50,000 G, vibrations of 70 G, and are 10 times more reliable than legacy quartz oscillators. These key features increase the robustness and reliability of SSDs, thus increasing their useful life and suitability for usage in harsh environments. Customers are typically u...

Test & Measurement
11th May 2011
SiTime introduces groundbreaking VCXOs for Telecom, Networking and Embedded Aplications

Encore-Based SiT380X Family Offers 10 Times Better Pull Range and Linearity than Legacy Quartz VCXOs

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