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Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows.


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29th June 2020
Sensirion announces new production site in Hungary

Due to positive business trends and the increasing demand for its existing and new sensors, Sensirion is expanding its production capabilities by establishing a new production site in Debrecen, Hungary. The site is being built and financed by a local 'build-to-suit' partner. Sensirion has signed a long term lease agreement. This new production facility is an expansion, which means that no existing jobs in Switzerland are affected.

20th March 2020
Meeting the need for respiratory devices

The world is currently facing an exceptional situation and the need for ventilators is rising rapidly. The coronavirus is spreading and many of those infected are having difficulty breathing. For these patients, respiratory devices are an essential part of treatment and could ultimately save lives. Global demand for these devices has therefore risen sharply given the urgency of the situation. As a manufacturer of sensors for these devices, Sensir...

15th November 2019
Sensitive gas mixture measurements at low flow rates

Sensirion will present the brand new mass flow meter SFM4300 at this year’s Compamed in Düsseldorf. Thanks to its newly developed flow channel geometry, the sensor is able to precisely measure oxygen (O2) and laughing gas (N2O) in addition to air for the first time. The small sensor is thus excellently suited to the measurement of gas mixtures in the medtech sector.

11th October 2019
Environmental sensors aid air quality device with smart plug concept

Sensirion has announced that bluSensor is using Sensirion’s environmental sensors in its innovative air quality device, bluSensor AIQ. bluSensor AIQ is the world’s first intelligent air quality measuring device with a smart plug concept. The small, flexible sensor can be operated with a power bank battery, via a USB socket in a smart home, via a notebook at work or even in a car or truck. It measures and stores over 5,000 differe...

13th June 2019
The next level in liquid flow sensing is now available

The latest innovation in liquid flow sensing from Sensirion, the SLF3x is now available worldwide from Sensirion’s distribution network. Based on Sensirion’s 20-year track record in low and lowest flow rate sensing, the optimised mechanical design of the SLF3x takes an already well-established functionality to the next level in terms of price-performance ratio.

28th May 2019
Evaluation kit for environmental sensors with modular approach

It has been announced that Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, has relaunched the evaluation kit SEK-Environmental Sensing with a new modular approach. The SEK-Environmental Sensing allows engineers to evaluate sensors and develop innovative sensor applications even more quickly and easily. 

7th May 2019
Miniaturised CO2 sensor to create a healthier environment

Once again, Sensirion trailblazes innovation in environmental sensing to create healthier and more productive environments for people. At this year’s Sensor+Test 2019 in Nuremberg and Sensors Expo 2019 in San José, Sensirion, is announcing the SCD40 - according to the company it is the first miniaturised CO2 and RH/T sensor that fits in a space of just one cubic centimetre.

27th November 2018
Pin-type humidity sensor enabling easy replaceability

Specialist in environmental sensing, Sensirion, has presented the new pin-type relative humidity sensor SHT85 for easy replaceability in a wide range of applications. The digital humidity sensor SHT85 is Sensirion's humidity sensor with pin-type connector for easy integration and replacement.

15th August 2018
High accuracy sensor for temperature controlled shipments

A compact data logger for temperature controlled shipments has been developed by AG, which features Sensirion’s STS3x high-accuracy, calibrated digital temperature sensor. As part of the monitoring solution for enabling EU GDP (Good Distribution Practice) compliance, it is capable of tracking environmental conditions for a variety of temperature-sensitive goods.

19th July 2018
Particulate matter sensor to be showcased at IoTE 2018

Sensirion has announced the SPS30 – its long-term stable, high-accuracy particulate matter sensor. The SPS30 particulate matter (PM) sensor is the next technological breakthrough in optical PM sensors. Its measurement principle is based on laser scattering and makes use of Sensirion’s contamination-resistance technology. This technology, together with high-quality and long-lasting components, enables accurate measurements from it...

5th April 2018
Air quality sensor for battery-driven applications

  Sensirion is now offering the ultra-lower power gas sensor SGPC3. The SGPC3 makes indoor air quality sensing available for mobile and battery-driven applications. With an average supply current of less than 0.07mA the SGPC3 is able to provide indoor air quality measurements with several years of battery life time.

6th October 2017
Monitor uses Sensirion humidity and temperature sensor

Manufacturer Elgato is using Sensirion’s humidity and temperature sensor SHTC1 in its critically acclaimed Eve Degree monitoring system. The humidity sensor SHTC1 has been designed to overcome conventional limits for size, power consumption and price performance ratio in order to fulfill the requirements of the consumer electronics market and products like Elgato’s latest temperature and humidity monitor.

20th September 2017
Automotive sensor business strengthened with acquisitions

  Sensor manufacturer, Sensirion has acquired the automotive business of Auto Industrial Co (AIC), provider of automotive sensor modules. With this acquisition, which includes sites in China, South Korea and the US, Sensirion will expand its market position as 1st tier and OEM automotive sensor module supplier.

18th September 2017
Airspeed sensors to increase the safety of VTOL drones

  Manufacturer of digital microsensors and systems, Sensirion has announced the SDP3x, what the company claims to be the world's smallest differential pressure sensor, which is now available in an airspeed sensor development kit for Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) and fixed-wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) applications.

5th April 2017
The first & only long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor

At this year’s Sensor+Test 2017 in Nuremberg (May 30 – June 1), Sensirion AG introduces the SGP - the first and only long-term stable metal-oxide gas sensor. The SGP gas sensor is based on Sensirion’s multi-pixel platform, which integrates four gas sensing elements into a very small 2.45 x 2.45 x 0.9 mm3 DFN package featuring a fully calibrated air quality output signal.

8th February 2017
Differential pressure sensors combine accuracy, stability & functionality

Sensirion presents differential pressure sensors from its SDP800 series. The sensor is the result of more than 15 years of experience in measuring air flow to millions of HVAC systems, car engines and patients. They consequently utilize the successful features of the SDP600 differential pressure sensor and come in the same proven housing, which enables easy integration. 

2nd February 2017
Extension board enables development of on/off body detection

Sensirion has presented its SHTW2 Xplained Pro Dual Humidity and Temperature Extension Board for Atmel’s SAMD20 Xplained Pro Board. The extension board comes with two SHTW2 humidity and temperature sensors, enabling the development of new applications such as on/off body detection.

5th January 2017
EVK with flow element enables simple test measurements of SDP3x differential pressure sensors

Sensirion presents the advanced EK-P4 evaluation kit, which simplifies the evaluation of Sensirion’s differential pressure sensors even further. The kit combines all the features required for test measurement, including a flow element, so first measurements can be made cost-effectively and exceptionally quickly.

31st October 2016
A miniaturised smart drug delivery module

At this year’s COMPAMED trade fair, the sensor manufacturer Sensirion and the Fraunhofer Research Institution for Microsystems and Solid State Technologies (EMFT) will be presenting an innovative concept study in the field of medical technology. Fraunhofer EMFT’s silicon micropump has been combined with Sensirion’s LD20 single-use liquid flow sensor as part of a joint project with the aim of developing a smart and cost-effi...

18th October 2016
Filter membrane protects sensor from water and dust

Manufacturer of humidity, temperature and flow sensor solutions, Sensirion, offers an on-package filter membrane option for selected humidity sensors in the SHT3x series. The SHT3x membrane is a PTFE film that protects the sensor opening from water and dust according to IP67.

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