Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows.


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8th May 2024
Sensirion miniature liquid flow sensor platform

Sensirion has announced its new miniature liquid flow sensor platform for subcutaneous drug delivery.

11th April 2024
Sensirion launches miniature CO2 sensor

The STCC4 enables mass-market CO2 monitoring in a wide range of applications with unmatched form factor, cost efficiency, and low current consumption.

15th February 2024
Sensirion Connected Solutions ISO27001 certification

Sensirion Connected Solutions has announced that it has successfully obtained the ISO 27001 certification, the internationally recognised standard for information security management systems (ISMS).

13th February 2024
Flow sensor solutions in modern medical ventilators

Continuous airflow measurements during anesthesia monitoring, intensive care treatment as well as in clinical and ambulatory environments provide important information for the assessment of cardiorespiratory and breathing circuit behaviour. Therefore, flow sensors and have become indispensable in modern medicine.

5th December 2023
Meuwly, Brem join Sensirion Holding executive board

Sensirion Holding has announced changes to its Executive Board and Board of Directors. 

7th September 2023
Sensirion inside: leading air conditioners by Sharp

As concerns about indoor air quality continue to grow around the world, Sharp's response is a new generation of air conditioners with the exclusive CO2 feature.

6th July 2023
Collaboration to create a portable mobile CO2 detector

Monitoring air quality, especially carbon dioxide (CO2) levels, has gained widespread public attention in the past few years.

8th June 2023
Air quality sensors harmonised with RESET Air Standard

Sensirion is proud to announce the harmonisation of its air quality sensors with the RESET Air Standard.

29th September 2022
Sensirion inside: Grove environmental sensors SEN54 and SEN55

Seeed Studio launches the Grove all-in-one environmental sensors featuring Sensirion’s SEN54 and SEN55 environmental sensor nodes.

1st September 2022
Temperature sensor for automotive applications now available

Sensirion is adding the digital automotive sensor STS4xA to its wide range of temperature sensors.

15th June 2022
Shorter delivery times for high-precision humidity and temperature sensors

Sensirion is shortening the delivery times for humidity and temperature sensors to 14 weeks thanks to collaboration with its suppliers and expanded production capacity.

9th May 2022
High accuracy SHT45 humidity and temperature sensor

Sensirion have revealed the new high-precision SHT45 humidity sensor as part of Sensirion’s 4th-generation humidity sensors – the SHT4x series. The SHT45 offers the highest accuracy for humidity and temperature backed up by Sensirion’s many years of sensing technology expertise.

7th April 2022
SEN5x environmental sensor node now available

Indoor air pollution inside buildings such as workplaces or homes can be harmful to breathe in and can lead to long-term health issues.

28th January 2022
Environmental sensor node for indoor air quality applications

Sensirion has presented its SEN54 all-in-one air quality sensing solution for the measurement of various environmental parameters.

17th December 2021
VOC+NOx sensor indoor air quality application is global

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, presents the SGP41 VOC+NOx sensor for indoor air quality applications. The sensor is designed as a digital smart switch and regulation unit for air treatment devices such as air purifiers.

13th December 2021
Miniaturised CO2 sensor for US HVAC

Sensirion, the expert in environmental sensing, had launched a product in its SCD4x miniaturised CO2 sensor series. The SCD42 has been designed for products that fall under california's building energy efficiency standards, and is therefore perfectly suited for US HVAC applications.

7th December 2021
Automotive developments and autonomous science

You are driving along a busy highway, yet you are calm and are listening to your favorite music. But what defines driving these days? The key never left your pocket, yet the car opened when you approached it, the engine started at the push of a button, the headlights came on automatically, the climate control created a comfortable environment and the wipers started automatically and took care of that light drizzle halfway down the road.

6th December 2021
Digital humidity sensor for industrial applications

Sensirion, a providor of environmental sensing, is unveiling its 5 V SHT4xI-digital humidity sensor, which is designed for conducting measurements under harsh conditions in industrial applications.

22nd November 2021
Meter modules measure multiple gases

A gas metering module from Sensirion is able to measure any gas mixtures, including pure hydrogen, blends of hydrogen, biomethane and natural gas types H, L, and E.

31st August 2021
Sensirion expands its flow sensor portfolio for ventilators

Sensirion is expanding its product portfolio for the MD&M West 2021 medical technology trade fair. Three new flow sensors for respiratory applications are now available worldwide via distributors. All three products are next-gen sensors that belong to the popular SFM3xxx platform and are suitable for inspiratory applications at ambient pressure. The SFM3003 has an extended flow range between -150 and 300slm, while the SFM3013 is resistant to ...

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