Sensirion is the leading manufacturer of high-quality sensors and sensor solutions for the measurement and control of humidity, and of gas and liquid flows.


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10th July 2013
Sensirion high precision Liquid Flow Sensor for 0-120ml/min flow rates

Sensirion have today introduced a new high precision liquid flow sensor, the SLQ-QT500. Designed specifically for the needs of the semiconductor industry, the SLQ-QT500 achieves outstanding performance thanks to its ultra-pure materials and outstanding precision. Featuring an absolutely straight flow channel and no moving parts, the SLQ-QT500 covers flow rates from 0 - 120ml/min.

25th January 2013
Differential Pressure Sensors for Flow Measurement in Bypass Configuration

The Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion recently added new differential pressure sensors to its proven SDP600 series. The SDP601 and SDP611 sensors are differential pressure sensors specifically calibrated for measuring mass flow in a bypass configuration.

6th November 2012
Sensirion to Open New Development Department in Taiwan

Sensirion has today announced that it is expanding its international corporate network by opening a research and development department at the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park in Taiwan. With this step, Sensirion is consolidating its cooperation with suppliers on-site and can benefit from the local semiconductor industry's know-how. Setting up the research facility in Taiwan involves the employment of additional staff.

5th October 2012
Sensirion announces world’s smallest SHTC1 humidity and temperature sensor

The tiny SHTC1 humidity and temperature sensor is specifically designed for mobile devices where size is a critical factor. Sensirion has rigorously followed the maxim smaller is better” and developed the world’s smallest sensor in its class, measuring a mere 2 x 2 x 0.8 mm.

15th June 2012
New low-pressure-drop digital flow meter

Sensirion is launching the new digital SFM3000 mass flow meter for high-volume applications in medical devices, process automation and burner control. The flow channel is designed to achieve a very low pressure drop of less than 3mbar through the sensor element.

17th May 2012
Low-cost differential pressure sensor features high measurement accuracy

Sensirion has launched the SPD500 low-cost positive differential pressure sensor. This fully calibrated and temperature compensated sensor is suitable for measuring differential pressure in the range of 0 to 500 Pa and is able to detect even minute pressure differences (less than 10 Pa). With a zero-point accuracy of 0.2 Pa, the sensor offers both low cost and excellent specifications.

14th May 2012
New low-cost humidity and temperature sensor for high production volumes

Sensirion, is presenting the SHT20 humidity and temperature sensor at this year’s Sensor+Test trade fair. The SHT20 is a low-cost member of the SHT2x family of sensors, which are already being used in the millions in various applications.

8th November 2011
New digital differential pressure sensors with low power consumption

Sensirion recently launched new differential pressure sensors in the SDP600 se-ries. The new SDP6x6 sensor line features especially low energy consumption, making it suitable for long-term battery operation. The SDP606 and SDP616 sen-sors are designed to enter sleep mode after performing each measurement. They wake up when a “measure” command is received and enter sleep mode again af-ter completing the measurement. The operation currents of a...

11th October 2011
Sensirion launches first digital temperature sensor

Following the successful market launch of the SHT2x family of humidity and temperature sensors, Sensirion is now launching a sensor designed exclusively for temperature measurement. The new STS21 temperature sensor is based on the same chip as the SHT2x family and is housed in a tiny DFN package measuring only 3x3 mm. This makes the sensor ideal for use in applications where only very limited space is available.

30th August 2011
Digital differential pressure sensors with very low measurement ranges

Sensirion has recently launched two new versions of its differential pressure sensors with-in the SDP600 series. The new sensors SDP6x0-125Pa and SDP6x0-25Pa feature par-ticularly low measurement ranges of -125 to +125 Pa and -25 to +25 Pa, respectively. Due to their better resolution, the new products have improved zero point accuracy of 0.1 Pa. In addition, zero point repeatability reaches a remarkable 0.05 Pa for the 125Pa ver-sion and 0.03 Pa...

27th July 2011
Sensirion moves into a new production building in Switzerland

Sensirion inaugurated its new production building in mid-July 2011. After eight months of construction, the newly purchased production plant in Stäfa, Switzerland, situated just a few hundred meters from the main building, was ready for occupancy. With the purchase and renovation of the building, the sensor manufacturer has developed additional space, which has be-come necessary as a result of the growth in recent years.

5th July 2011
Liquid flow sensor for low-volume dosing applications

Swiss sensor manufacturer Sensirion is launching a flow sensor for flow rates below 2 cc/sec (120 ml/min) with hydrocarbon-based liquids such as photoresists and solvents. Designed for use in high-purityfluid handling applications in the semiconductor, PV and flat panel display industries, the new SLQ-QT105 sensor features a short measurement response time of approximately 40 ms and very high sensitivity for flow rates down to 0.05 cc/sec (3 ml/m...

16th June 2011
Micro Flow Switch and Bubble Detector for Liquids

Sensirion AG is launching the LG01 micro flow switch for ultra-low liquid flow rates and bubble detection. The sensor makes fluidicsystems more reliable by enabling the detection of liquid flow within the range of a few ml/min and less. For such measurements the sensor offers a short response time below 100 ms. Its output signal of either 0 or 5 volts indicates whether the current flow rate is above or below the specified flow switch level. At c...

16th June 2011
SHT21 humidity sensor features improved temperature specs

Following the successful launch of the world’s smallest digital humidity and temperature sensor in 2010, the fully calibrated sensors of the SHT2x family have already won design slots in many applications.

Test & Measurement
28th April 2011
New evaluation kit for Sensirion's differential pressure sensors

EK-P3 represents a straightforward and costeffective option for testing the digital differential pressure sensors of the SDP600 series. The set consists of a USB stick that is connected to the SDP610 sensor by an adapter cable. With the help of the software, which is available online for download, the differential pressure sensor can be tested under realistic conditions by following five simple installation steps.

24th March 2011
Sensirion newly certified to environmental standard ISO 14001

Since March 2011, Sensirion has been certified in accordance with environmental standard ISO 14001. This certificate is a result of the sensor manufacturer’s endeavors to improve the company’s sustainability and to professionally manage all environmental aspects.

6th December 2010
Differential pressure sensor with extended range for medical ventilation

Sensirion is launching the SDP2108-R as a high-quality sensor solution for measuring air flows in medical ventilation applications. The new differential pressure sensor in the popular SDPx108 family combines high speed and high accuracy with an extended measuring range of 0 to 3500 Pa.

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