Sensirion launches miniature CO2 sensor

11th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

The STCC4 enables mass-market CO2 monitoring in a wide range of applications with unmatched form factor, cost efficiency, and low current consumption.

Sensirion is excited to launch the latest addition to their CO2 sensor portfolio in the last quarter of 2024.

STCC4, one of the world's smallest sensors for direct CO2 measurement, unlocks vast new applications for monitoring CO2 previously limited by size and cost constraints. Designed for seamless integration into compact electronic devices, the sensor is a exceptional newcomer in the CO2 sensor market.

Utilising the latest technological advancements in thermal conductivity sensing, the STCC4 provides the accuracy needed for indoor air quality applications at a low current consumption. Both accurate signal compensation and monitoring of relevant indoor environmental parameters are achieved when STCC4 is combined with Sensirion’s temperature and humidity sensors. Engineered and manufactured in Switzerland, it has been optimised for easy integration into high volume applications through its SMD design and tape and reel packaging. The STCC4 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including indoor air quality monitors, smart thermostats, air conditioners and much more.

“CO2 monitoring is essential to ensuring comfortable indoor environments. We believe that the size and cost efficiency of STCC4 will empower healthy air wherever people work or live,” says Dr. Kaitlin Howell, Product Manager for CO2 sensors at Sensirion.

At a glance – STCC4 CO2 sensor:

  • Small form factor (4 x 3 x 1.2 mm3)
  • Cost efficiency for high volume applications
  • Current consumption <1mA at 1Hz sampling interval
  • Accuracy: ±(100 ppm + 10%)
  • Launch date: Q4 2024

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