Sensirion miniature liquid flow sensor platform

8th May 2024
Harry Fowle

Sensirion has announced its new miniature liquid flow sensor platform for subcutaneous drug delivery.

The healthcare industry has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, with an increasing focus on patient and home care. This shift has been mirrored in the field of drug administration, with a decrease in hospital stays for certain treatments. The transition from intravenous to subcutaneous injections using large-volume injectors (LVIs) has been a key driver of this change.

LVIs are wearable devices that enable continuous subcutaneous drug delivery. They reduce pressure on clinical staff, save costs, and improve patient comfort. Some LVIs require precise dosing of the delivered drug, which in turn requires the pump to be controlled by a flow sensor. Moreover, bubbles, empty lines, occlusion detection, and drug delivery confirmation are desirable to improve patient safety and the regulatory compliance of the device.

To meet these needs, Sensirion is developing the SLD3x platform – a series of digital liquid flow sensors to combine accurate flow measurement, miniature size, and compatibility with several therapies. This makes it the ideal solution for medical devices manufactured in large quantities, where an accurate, disposable liquid flow sensor is required. While flow measurement is at the heart of the SLD3x platform, it also provides a stream of data that can be used to detect occlusions, identify in-line air bubbles, flag up pump malfunctions and measure liquid temperature.

“The SLD3x series features models with maximum flow rates ranging from 100μl/min to 5 ml/min to meet the varying dosing requirements of different drugs and treatment protocols. We are happy to discuss the customization of sensors to meet the unique needs of specific therapies,” says Dr. Konrad Domanski, Product Director Liquid Flow Sensors at Sensirion.

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