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30th November 2023
steute Technologies restructures its business fields

steute Technologies has announced a comprehensive restructuring of its business fields to improve growth.

3rd December 2019
Human-machine interface for adverse ambient conditions

With the new variants in its Ex BF 80 product series, the steute business unit Extreme is not targeting the mass market of human-machine interface users. There is, namely, an essential difference between these new devices and conventional products: they have been developed especially for use in explosive environments and in temperatures ranging from -60 to +65°C.

10th September 2018
Emergency pull-wire switch for extreme environments

With its ZS 92 S series, the steute business unit ‘Extreme’ is presenting a new series of emergency pull-wire switches especially designed for Extreme environments. The die cast aluminium housing, for example, is very robust and multi-coated (passivation, base coat, powder coating).

23rd July 2018
Sensor bridge is the stepping stone between sensors and IT system

With the Sensor Bridge, the ‘Wireless’ steute business unit is presenting a new and key component for its wireless network sWave-NET. As a classic middleware, this software interface processes all messages received from wireless switching devices in the field and bundled by access points. The Sensor Bridge then relays these messages to applications registered specifically for this purpose.

30th March 2017
Compact wireless terminal for intralogistics and production

Procedures which are familiar to staff working at assembly, dispatch and picking points, may include; requisitioning replenishment parts, warehousing, triggering order processes and requesting consignments or shipping orders. The wireless terminal being presented at the LogiMAT by steute business unit ‘Wireless’ for the first time enables these tasks to be performed more easily, more comfortably and more flexibly. At the same tim...

Events News
19th December 2016
Wireless E-Kanban system to be presented at the LogiMAT

At this year's LogiMAT steute's Wireless business unit will be showcasing its next-gen wireless network sWave.NET. The basic principle behind this network remains unchanged: wireless switching devices of various types (position switches, foot controls, command devices, magnetic sensors) are connected via access points to customer IT infrastructures - for example Production Planning and Control (PPC), Production Data Acquisition (PDA) or Ware...

14th November 2016
Smartphone app communicates with user interface

  A hot topic in medical technology is Integration. steute Meditec is furthering this trend with the development of wireless user interfaces to control different medical devices – as well as other innovations also based on integration and wireless technologies.

Events News
14th November 2016
New access points for wireless network at SPS

At SPS IPC Drives, the steute business unit  ‘Wireless’ will be presenting the second generation of access points for its wireless network sWave.NET. The task of these new key components within the industry-compatible wireless system has not changed: they bundle signals from wireless switchgear and pass them on to the customer IT infrastructure via WiFi or Ethernet.

3rd December 2015
Simplified operation for maintenance and users

User interfaces for medical equipment configurable by AppMedical devices can already be comprehensively adapted to suit individual requirements. This task has now been made simpler through an application developed by the steute business division Meditec.

Events News
7th August 2015
Position switch emits an analogue signal

At the Hannover Fair, the steute business division Extreme will be presenting its Ex HS 98 position switch. The difference between this switch and other position switches in the extensive steute range for explosive environments is that it does not work with conventional ‘on-off’ technology. Instead, the switch emits an analogue signal which corresponds to the position of the actuator or plunger. The position is registered by an integr...

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