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Cyber Security
5th August 2020
Duo team up to fight security threats facing the digital workforce

With more than 90% of today's security threats starting with a seemingly innocuous email, SailPoint Technologies and Proofpoint, a cyber security and compliance company, have partnered to protect people’s data and inbox. As part of this partnership, joint customers can now further safeguard high risk users by identifying and applying appropriate levels of access to critical systems and data.

Events News
4th August 2020
Virtual event looks at why identity is essential for businesses

SailPoint Technologies has announced the details of its eighth annual identity conference, Navigate Virtual 2020, which will take place on 27th August. SailPoint is welcoming all identity management skill levels from identity practitioners and evangelists to identity newcomers to learn why identity is ‘business essential’ in the ever-changing work landscape.

Cyber Security
28th July 2020
SaaS applications expected to grow in the next 18 months

SailPoint has found that 86% of IT experts in EMEA expect their organisation’s number of SaaS applications to grow over the next 18 months, even as UK workers are expected to start migrating back to the workplace. 

15th July 2020
Identity, access governance and data breach risks

While nearly three quarters of cyber security professionals grade their organisation's ability to identify and mitigate a cyber attack as above average or superior, nearly half say their organisation has been targeted by a spear-phishing attack in the last year, and a third say their company was hit by a malware incident.

25th June 2020
Will lockdown change our perception of remote working?

The world we live in is currently undergoing a seismic change. Previous patterns of working and living have been forcibly modified. One of the most foundational of these movements are the instructions to stay at home, which are in place for many countries across the world: employees, no matter their industry or profession, have had to come to grips with remote working for long periods of time. By Mike Kiser, Senior Identity Strategist, SailPoint

3rd June 2020
New life cycle capabilities for enterprise applications

SailPoint Technologies has rolled out a series of updates to its SaaS identity platform to help customers better facilitate workforce continuity. The new life cycle capabilities allow businesses to pivot seamlessly and securely to keep pace with today’s ‘new normal’ - the increasingly remote workforce. New features include non-employee life cycle management; connectors for Slack and Zoom; and advanced certification and camp...

12th March 2020
It’s time to treat your organisation like your smartphone

Unlocking a phone with a touch of a finger or a facial glance has become so commonplace that 75% of smartphones purchased in 2019 were equipped with some form of biometric authentication. Replacing the traditional passcode, these newer forms of recognition add an extra layer of security, guaranteeing that the correct person is accessing the device and the private data it holds. By Ben Bulpett, EMEA Director at SailPoint

11th March 2020
New services provide governance for IaaS cloud platforms

SailPoint has introduced identity governance for IaaS platforms, resources and workloads. As enterprises adopt a multi-cloud platform strategy across AWS, Azure and the Google Platform to keep pace with digital transformation, there is a heightened need to be able to govern access to these platforms with a single identity solution.

28th February 2020
Rethinking identity with role-based management platform

SailPoint recently unveiled new updates to the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform that gives customers a simplified way to define and deliver the right access to users no matter how quickly an organisation evolves.

26th February 2020
New round of patents granted for AI identity platform

SailPoint has announced that the company has been granted additional US patents related to the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform, the company’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)-enabled identity platform.

19th February 2020
Taking a zero-trust approach to security

For many organisations, zero trust security has reached the top of the CISO agenda. While the zero-trust model has been around for a few years, it has rapidly gained momentum in recent times. Its popularity is driven by the digitalisation of the workplace which has made the network perimeter more porous. By Darran Rolls, CTO, SailPoint

Cyber Security
11th December 2019
How to manage your password like a CISO

Over the past decade, we have done the absolute most when it comes to passwords. We have written love letters, pontificated on strategies, and even offered tips on how to teach your mother the tricks of the trade. And it makes sense that we have done so much when it comes to our numeric and unique character friends. Once a password is compromised, the flood gates are open.

Cyber Security
21st October 2019
How to play identity like a board game

Hobbies are meant to take us away from the day-to-day of our jobs. They are a way to pursue new knowledge or a new skill. Humans have been playing board games for at least 5,000 years. There are even a few games featured prominently on Egyptian hieroglyphics or etched into the base of Assyrian winged lions so that the sentries could play. Board games not only allow us to enjoy time with friends and family, but they transport us to new places and ...

15th October 2019
SailPoint named a leader in 2019 identity governance report

SailPoint has announced it has been named a leader in Gartner’s 'Magic Quadrant for Identity Governance and Administration', published on 9th October 2019, authored by Felix Gaehtgens, Kevin Kampman, et al. After conducting a comprehensive company and product evaluation of SailPoint’s identity platform, SailPoint was recognised by Gartner as a Leader, positioned furthest for completeness of vision and highest for abilit...

16th September 2019
When identity meets data: A solution for unstructured data

Today’s business world is driven by data, enabling employees, contractors, partners and vendors to communicate. But if this data is not protected, an organisation’s reputation and finances can be damaged. Some of this data – like financials and personally identifiable information (PII) – is priceless and requires special handling to mitigate the risk of data breaches. Here Paul Trulove, CPO at SailPoint delv...

Cyber Security
23rd August 2019
Enterprise security - brought to you by the letters A and I

When it comes to securing your organisation, how can you go about best addressing risk? Do you even know where your organisation’s risk exists? Don’t worry, most organisations have a hard time understanding this too, and THIS is what keeps C-level leaders up at night. Here Jackie Brinkerhoff, Senior Director of Product Marketing, SailPoint delves deeper into the matter.

Artificial Intelligence
21st June 2019
Welcome to the future!

It has been a whirlwind of activity at SailPoint these last few weeks. We wrapped up our annual Navigate conference in Austin two weeks ago, giving me a chance to connect with many of our customers, partners and prospects. By Paul Trulove, Chief Product Officer at SailPoint.

Artificial Intelligence
11th June 2019
Predictive identity across platforms delivered

SailPoint Technologies has revealed updates to both IdentityNow and IdentityIQ to a sold-out crowd at Navigate ’19, the identity governance conference. With the latest release of IdentityNow and version 8.0 of IdentityIQ, SailPoint customers now have access to the next generation of cloud identity governance, SailPoint Predictive Identity. As a result, identity teams...

29th May 2019
The future of identity governance with SailPoint predictive identity

SailPoint Technologies has unveiled the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform, the intelligent cloud identity platform of the future that accelerates the industry to the next generation of identity governance. With SailPoint Predictive Identity, SailPoint is delivering a new world of adaptive security and continuous compliance that makes identity easy, transparent and autonomous.

Cyber Security
28th May 2019
One year down: GDPR by the numbers

Last week marked the first anniversary of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Europe’s data privacy regulation shook up the privacy world by imposing penalties for some of the strongest consumer protection laws of the last 20 years and inspired even stricter laws in other parts of the world. GDPR created a single breach-notification regulation for the entire EU with the goal of protecting personal data of EU citiz...

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