SailPoint Predictive Identity secures COVID-19 technologies

26th August 2020
Alex Lynn

Securing today’s mostly virtual workforce is top of mind as the demand for access to applications and systems in the cloud grows exponentially. SailPoint’s latest updates to the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform will be the co-pilot in any organisation’s security strategy, safeguarding the remote workforce's access needs.

The latest release includes new integrations intended to keep workers – remote or not – productive and secure across the following applications: Jira, Microsoft Teams, and Epic.

Over the past few months, SailPoint acted to help organisations connect to necessary remote workforce collaboration applications like Zoom and Slack, introduced earlier this year. Now, with this latest update, SailPoint is delivering increased connectivity for additional in-demand applications, extending to Microsoft Teams and Jira, and to critical COVID-related technologies such as Epic to ensure healthcare providers can work securely and compliantly.

Grady Summers, EVP of Solutions and Technology, SailPoint, said: “At this moment in time, as we continue to operate virtually, the majority of enterprises are using SaaS applications for global employee collaboration and, in the case of healthcare organisations, with essential software like Epic for patient records. We’re focused on simplifying our customers’ worlds, helping them to appropriately govern and secure access for their most business-critical systems and applications.

“The value businesses can derive from these updates is a crucial step in evolving their security strategies to keep pace. Enterprises who invest in smarter AI/ML-enabled security will better address today’s circumstances and safeguard a brighter future.”

The latest release of SailPoint Predictive Identity also includes a new role validation feature that ensures roles defined continue to be valid for the organisation as it evolves. The feature ensures that access for each role remains appropriate, and demonstrates that all roles are being properly governed.

Given today’s remote work reality and the continually changing workforce dynamics, these roles must be automatically and continuously updated to match the evolving needs of the organisation. SailPoint makes this possible for enterprises worldwide with the latest updates to its SaaS platform.

Kayla Williams, Director, Governance, Risk and Compliance, LogMeIn, added: “The constant need to be agile creates an ever-changing workforce and organisational structure, and it always requires 24/7 security monitoring. Not only are user roles constantly changing, but new ones are also constantly created in the blink of an eye.

“It is more important than ever to review and validate these roles and make sure the right users, human and non-human, have the right access. With SailPoint Predictive Identity, we can [plan to] monitor our security in our sleep thanks to autonomous and predictive identity technology - they tell us who should have access and why.”

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