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16th May 2024
SailPoint launches new customer success centre

SailPoint Technologies, a specialist in unified identity security for enterprises, has launched a digital Customer Success Centre aimed at further enabling customers at all stages of their identity security journey.

30th October 2023
SailPoint closes Osirium acquisition

The UK subsidiary of SailPoint Technologies completed its acquisition of Osirium. This acquisition will feed into the company's vision to unify visibility, oversight, and protection across all types of access, both regular and highly sensitive, into one solution.  

9th March 2023
SailPoint research highlights need for stronger identity security in financial services

SailPoint Technologies has eleased “The state of identity security 2023: A spotlight on financial services,” a comprehensive report highlighting the increased need for strong identity security in the financial service industry.

Cyber Security
7th February 2023
The healthcare industry is vulnerable to a cyber attack

93% of healthcare organisations surveyed have faced an identity-related security breach in the last two years, according to new research from SailPoint​, a leader in enterprise identity security. And with many organisations in the healthcare industry understaffed, the sector is more vulnerable than ever before to malicious cybercrime.  

News & Analysis
13th January 2023
SailPoint acquires SecZetta for identity security for non-employee identities

SailPoint, a specialist in enterprise identity security, has announced it has acquired SecZetta, a provider of third-party identity risk solutions.

Cyber Security
5th October 2022
SailPoint announces AI-led identity security innovation

SailPoint has announced, during its annual Navigate conference, new innovations infused into the SailPoint Identity Security Cloud. With these updates, SailPoint is helping enterprises move beyond the traditional identity governance approach of looking at access after-the-fact, replacing it with a forward-looking approach to managing access.

27th September 2022
SailPoint unveils 'The Horizons of Identity' research report

SailPoint Technologies Holdings, Inc. unveiled the findings of a new research report titled, ‘The Horizons of Identity.’

Cyber Security
27th April 2022
Five ways to get to grips with the cyber basics in 2022

At a time when the majority of our life happens behind a screen, being cyber-savvy has never been more important. Steve Bradford, Senior Vice President EMEA at SailPoint discusses.

1st June 2021
The Implications of Bring Your Own Identity

When I was seventeen, I played one of the greatest roles of my like: 'Mark Jannell'. A younger student who we’ll call 'Tim' (not his name, of course) had just started at my high school, and after knowing me for several weeks, asked my name. Amused that he had forgotten it, I vowed not to tell him. I stepped away from the lunch table for a few minutes, and as I headed back, a different friend intercepted me. By Mike Kiser, Senior Ident...

Cyber Security
6th April 2021
One year in cyber lockdown - what did we learn?

In the wake of the pandemic, not everyone was comfortable going digital. An intuitive transition for some - techies, e-commerce gurus and even call centre staff - it has been a much more challenging adjustment for others. Teachers, judges and public sector workers had to reinvent the way they operate. By Steve Bradford, SVP EMEA SailPoint

Cyber Security
18th March 2021
Research sheds light on cyber crime targeting digital identities

SailPoint Technologies has released the findings from a new survey of security and IT managers/directors that explored why large, well-resourced enterprises are continuing to be compromised. The one common denominator that stands out above the rest as a leading facilitator of cyber incidents - digital identities.

Cyber Security
2nd March 2021
Identity extensibility delivered for the cloud enterprise

Delivering on the SailPoint vision to embed identity into the cloud enterprise’s digital fabric, SailPoint Technologies has announced additional extensibility functionality to its platform. To enable customers and partners to find value with the updates, SailPoint also introduced the new SailPoint Developer Community to help them move quickly and with less effort.

Cyber Security
1st March 2021
Q&A explores platform’s new developer community

In this Q&A with Grady Summers, EVP Solutions and Technology at SailPoint, we explore the platform’s new developer community and extensibility features.

Cyber Security
8th February 2021
What can basketball teach us about managing cyber security?

In the documentary The Last Dance, Netflix took us on a trip down memory lane by exploring Michael Jordan’s final season with the Chicago Bulls. With six NBA championships under his belt, Jordan’s unwavering competitiveness at being the best - and control of his team mates - was an essential factor in carrying the team to victory. Written by Grady Summers, EVP Solutions and Technology at SailPoint

28th January 2021
Data Privacy Day 2021: Top opportunities we saw in 2020

Yes, the date has come around again: the 28th January marks Data Privacy Day. The day provides a chance for us all to consider what we can do in our professional roles to ensure we are respecting privacy, safeguarding data and enabling trust. By Stephen Bradford, SVP EMEA, SailPoint

15th January 2021
Protecting today’s corporate digital identity

Today we try to safeguard our digital identity as much as our wallet and its contents. Our personal digital identity authorises us to go about our day-to-day - logging into our bank account to pay bills, checking our Facebook page for notifications or scheduling an UberEats delivery for dinner - but then there is our professional digital identity. Written by Juliette Rizkallah, CMO, SailPoint

23rd November 2020
Is remote working putting business security at risk?

Are you mixing work and play by shopping online, checking personal email or paying bills on a device you use for work? You are not the only one. As the lines between personal and work lives are more blurred than ever, most Brits are breaking the first rule of cyber security and might be putting business security at risk, according to a new global study by SailPoint.  

Cyber Security
2nd November 2020
SaaS updates accelerate journey to autonomous identity

Autonomous identity is no longer a far-out destination; it’s just up ahead. SailPoint Technologies has announced a series of planned updates to its SaaS identity platform to enable enterprises to automate important identity processes that match the speed and pace of today’s dynamic business environment.

Cyber Security
8th October 2020
45% of cyber security attacks fuelled by lack of visibility over IaaS cloud infrastructure

SailPoint has found that 45% of companies globally have experienced cyber security attacks fuelled by visibility and control deficiencies relating to the management and access of IaaS infrastructure. 

Cyber Security
11th September 2020
How can IT teams help businesses navigate the next security storm?

Over the past few months, IT teams have often been the unsung heroes of the kitchen table office. During this time however, a rise in cyber attacks has been a major concern, with those targeting home workers exploiting ‘anywhere’ technologies such as email, VPN and cloud services in particular. Guest blog by Ben Bulpett, EMEA Director, SailPoint

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