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SaaS updates accelerate journey to autonomous identity

2nd November 2020
Lanna Deamer

Autonomous identity is no longer a far-out destination; it’s just up ahead. SailPoint Technologies has announced a series of planned updates to its SaaS identity platform to enable enterprises to automate important identity processes that match the speed and pace of today’s dynamic business environment.

The new features, which include role insights and access request recommendations, leverage machine learning algorithms to deliver on the SailPoint Predictive Identity vision. 

“Identity management is always a business essential. Now, as enterprises make the ongoing shift to remote work amid the pandemic, it is more critical than ever. In this status quo, and with a hybrid work/office environment for the foreseeable future, many organisations resort to over-provisioning users in their race to equip them with the access to collaboration tools they need to be productive. Without identity security - which addresses the concern of who should have access to what and why - granting these requests can be an exposure point, with critical mistakes slipping through the cracks,” said Paul Trulove, Chief Product Officer, SailPoint.

“For this reason, business and IT teams are more than ready to adopt an autonomous approach to identity, streamlining more of these processes. Enterprises need identity at the core of their security strategy to keep pace as roles and access continue to change with the tumultuous environment. Automation is key.”

Trulove continued: “The business and IT leaders I’ve talked to, particularly in the last few months, all agree: identity management is foundational to their digital business. An identity strategy is the smarts behind every single access decision across the organisation. Done right, it speeds the business vs. stalling it; it secures it vs. exposing it. With these latest upcoming SaaS features, SailPoint Predictive Identity provides confidence to move your business forward with clarity through role insights and access request recommendations - all done autonomously.”

With these updates to SailPoint Predictive Identity, enterprises will be able to do the following:

  • Proactively and efficiently maintain access across the organisation: automated access modeling ensures roles adapt to the dynamic workforce and IT environment;
  • Accelerate delivery of access using intuitive recommendations: Interactively suggest what access a user needs using an intelligent, machine learning-driven recommendation and approval engine that does the hard work, so access is never the bottleneck to a worker’s productivity.

“We invested in improvements to our identity and access management (IAM) programme to ensure our security and governance abilities matched the pace of our business. SailPoint’s SaaS solution has helped us achieve many of our goals and has allowed us to expand our overall IAM offerings to our business partners,” said Ian Anderson with OGE Energy Corp.

“IAM is especially important today as many organisations transform their operations to meet the challenges of the current operating environment. The IAM systems we are building for tomorrow focus on automation and leveraging analytics to predict access requirements and meet those needs in real time.” 

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