Rethinking identity with role-based management platform

28th February 2020
Lanna Deamer

SailPoint recently unveiled new updates to the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform that gives customers a simplified way to define and deliver the right access to users no matter how quickly an organisation evolves.

The new SailPoint Access Modeling service speeds the creation of roles across the business, using AI to identify similar groupings of users and access to suggest potential roles.

With this new capability, SailPoint is dramatically simplifying the deployment and day-to-day management of a role-based identity governance programme. This ensures that as any type of user joins or moves within the organisation, their access rights evolve with them - automatically and without the overhead of traditional approaches to access modeling. 

“We live in a world where identity must adapt in near real time to stay aligned with today’s dynamic business environment,” said Paul Trulove, Chief Product Officer. “By adding a predictive approach to access modeling, we’re helping companies to simplify and streamline how they create and update access models. These models define who can and should have access, based on their organisational role, job responsibilities and business needs, three areas that change constantly across the business.”

The new SailPoint Access Modeling service will be available in March as a new cloud service on the SailPoint Predictive Identity platform. The platform also includes AI-driven SailPoint Access Insights and SailPoint Recommendation Engine services. 

  •  The SailPoint Access Insights service digs into identity data to provide deeper visibility and intelligence across users (human and non-human) and their access. It tracks access patterns over time, making it easy for organisations to quickly comply with audit requests, or generate reports that flag users whose access may require immediate attention.
  •  The SailPoint Recommendation Engine service evaluates access changes in real time and provides AI-generated insights to help managers and administrators make informed decisions. The Recommendation Engine service can also be used to deliver a completely autonomous experience, bypassing the need to for a human to be involved at all in granting or revoking access. For example, the Recommendation Engine reduces certification fatigue by automatically approving low risk access, thereby allowing certifiers to focus on anomalous or high risk access decisions.

Taken together, these new services help organisations of all sizes to make more educated access decisions in a seamless, predictive and autonomous way.

“With SailPoint Predictive Identity, we have moved into the next generation of identity,” said Christopher Martin, Manager, Identity and Access Security, Amerigas Propane.

“With an AI-enabled identity platform, we can make more intelligent identity decisions that match the pace of our business without slowing our users down. This will push our identity programme light years ahead. Not only do we have comprehensive visibility into all users and their access and behaviours, but also time back for our security teams to focus on other areas of business risk. Once again, SailPoint came through on all fronts.”

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