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"R" represents the first letter of our original main product, Resistors. This was put together with the unit for resistance " ohm". The "R" now also stands for "Reliability". "Quality First" is ROHM's corporate policy.

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15th February 2024
ROHM's new SBDs

ROHM has developed 100V breakdown Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs) that deliver leading reverse recovery time (trr) for power supply and protection circuits in automotive, industrial, and consumer applications.

8th February 2024
ROHM launches temperature-resilient zero-drift op amp

ROHM has developed a zero-drift operational amplifier (op amp) – the LMR1002F-LB.

24th January 2024
ROHM compact SOT-223-3 600V MOSFETs

ROHM has added a lineup of compact 600V Super Junction MOSFETs – the R6004END4 / R6003KND4 / R6006KND4 / R6002JND4 / R6003JND4. These devices are ideal for small lighting power supplies, pumps, and motors.

17th January 2024
Speech synthesis ICs dedicated for AVAS in xEVs

LAPIS Technology has developed the speech synthesis ICs, the ML22120xx series, designed for AVAS in xEVs.

Quantum Tech
14th December 2023
ROHM demonstrates manufacturing process optimisation

ROHM has been collaborating with Quanmatic to introduce quantum technology into the EDS (Electrical Die Sorting) process, conducting demonstrations aimed at optimising combinations during manufacturing.

News & Analysis
8th December 2023
ROHM and Toshiba agree to collaborate in manufacturing power devices

A plan by ROHM and Toshiba Electronic Devices and Storage to collaborate in the manufacture and increased volume production of power devices has been recognised and will be supported by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a measure supporting the Japanese Government’s target of secure and stable semiconductor supply.

29th November 2023
ROHM’s new high power 120W laser diode for LiDAR

ROHM has developed a high-power laser diode, the RLD90QZW8, for applications such as LiDAR.

8th November 2023
ROHM's newly developed gate driver IC enhances GaN device capabilities

ROHM revealed the BD2311NVX-LB, a gate driver IC engineered for GaN devices, capable of achieving gate drive speeds in the nanosecond range, which is crucial for high-speed GaN switching.

News & Analysis
8th November 2023
ROHM completes acquisition of new production site

ROHM has completed the acquisition of the assets of Solar Frontier’s former Kunitomi Plant located in Japan, on November 7, 2023 – based on its agreement signed with Solar Frontier.

18th October 2023
ROHM’s new lineup of low ON resistance 100V dual MOSFETs

ROHM has developed dual MOSFETs that integrate two 100V chips in a single package – ideal for fan motor drive applied in communication base stations and industrial equipment. New five-models have been added as part of the HP8KEx/HT8KEx (Nch+Nch) and HP8MEx (Nch+Pch) series.

12th October 2023
New thermal printheads deliver fast print speed

ROHM has developed high-speed, highly reliable thermal printheads: TE2004-QP1W00A / TE3004-TP1W00A.

27th September 2023
New compact VCSEL proximity sensor for wearable devices

ROHM has developed a compact 2.0mm × 1.0mm proximity sensor, the RPR-0720, optimised for applications requiring attachment/detachment and proximity detection.

7th September 2023
ROHM launches ‘Product Longevity Programme’

ROHM has recently launched a dedicated page for a new Product Longevity Programme (PLP).

1st September 2023
ROHM's new ecogan power stage ICs contribute to smaller size and lower loss

ROHM has developed power stage ICs with built-in 650V GaN HEMTs and gate driver - the BM3G0xxMUV-LB series. The devices are ideal for primary power supplies inside industrial and consumer applications such as data servers and AC adapters.

23rd August 2023
ROHM’s new automotive-grade high voltage hall ICs

ROHM has developed Hall ICs, the BD5310xG-CZ / BD5410xG-CZ series, designed for automotive applications requiring magnetic detection.

8th August 2023
ROHM Semiconductor gets ‘Supplier of the Year 2022 Award’

Continental Automotive honoured ROHM Semiconductor with the ‘Supplier of the Year 2022 Award’ for its particularly exemplary performance.

19th July 2023
New matrix-type LED drivers for automotive backlights

ROHM has developed LED driver ICs - the BD94130xxx-M series (BD94130MUF-ME2, BD94130EFV-ME2) - for automotive LCD backlights.

18th July 2023
ROHM receives Bosch Global Supplier Award 2023

ROHM ranks globally among the best suppliers of Bosch, the supplier of technology and services, and thus has been honoured with a Bosch Global Supplier Award.

13th July 2023
ROHM’s new 600V super junction MOSFETs

ROHM has added three new models, the R60xxRNx series, to its PrestoMOS lineup of 600V Super Junction MOSFETs.

News & Analysis
12th July 2023
ROHM will acquire new production site

ROHM has reached a basic agreement with Solar Frontier K.K. to acquire the assets of Solar Frontier's former Kunitomi Plant, located in Japan.

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