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"R" represents the first letter of our original main product, Resistors. This was put together with the unit for resistance " ohm". The "R" now also stands for "Reliability". "Quality First" is ROHM's corporate policy.

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Test & Measurement
2nd July 2020
High-speed CMOS op amp eliminates oscillation

ROHM recently announced a high-speed ground sense CMOS op amp, BD77501G, optimised for industrial and consumer equipment requiring high-speed sensing, such as anomaly detection systems used in measurement and control equipment along with sensors that work with very small signals

25th June 2020
Rohm introduces Nano Cap technology for stable circuit control

  Rohm Semiconductor has developed Nano Cap power supply technology to address control of linear regulator output, minimise circuit design load and reduce the number of external capacitors needed by linear regulators  

1st June 2020
Ultra-compact LED driver for automotive lamps from ROHM

ROHM has announced the development of its ultra-compact linear LED Driver suitable for automotive socket type LED lamp applications such as rear lamps, turn, fog and position lamps or DRLs (Daylight Running Lamps).

23rd April 2020
High power speaker amp ICs for instrument clusters

ROHM has announced the AEC-Q100 qualified 2.8W output Class AB monaural speaker amp iCs, the BD783xxEFJ-M series (BD78306EFJ-M, BD78310EFJ-M and BD78326EFJ-M), well suited for instrument clusters - used in vehicles equipped with autonomous driving and ADAS.

14th April 2020
Rear lamp linear LED drivers designed for motorcycles

ROHM has announced the availability of a 4ch linear LED driver IC with built-in MOSFET, well suited for LED rear lamps (turn/stop), fog lamps and turn signals for automotive use. 

6th March 2020
Web simulation tool verifies power devices

ROHM has announced to start to provide with a web simulation tool, ‘ROHM Solution Simulator’, which allows designers of electronic circuits and systems in the automotive and industrial markets to simultaneously verify power devices and ICs on 44 different solution circuits.

18th February 2020
Shunt resistors feature high rated power

ROHM has announced the availability of shunt resistors, GMR50 series, delivering four watt rated power (at electrode temperature TK=90°C) in the compact 5.0x2.5mm (2010 type package) size. It is well suited for current detection in motors and power supply circuits used in automotive systems and industrial equipment.

Events News
17th February 2020
ROHM Semiconductor pulls out of embedded world

ROHM Semiconductor has been closely observing the situation following the spread of the novel coronavirus, with the goal of making a fact-based decision related to its attendance at embedded world 2020, and due to this, the company has decided to pull out of the show.

11th February 2020
Intelligent power devices for standalone protection

ROHM has announced the availability of the BV2Hx045EFU-C, a family of high voltage (41V) dual channel output high side switch (Intelligent Power Devices, IPD) optimised for automotive ECUs in transmission control, engine control, and other vehicle systems. IPDs are semiconductor devices that protect electronic circuits from breakdown (i.e. due to overcurrent during abnormalities). 

5th February 2020
Efficient power management IC for nano applications

ROHM has announced the availability of a highly integrated and efficient power management IC (PMIC), BD71850MWV, optimised for NXP Semiconductors’ i.MX 8M Nano family of application processors, which features exceptional computing, and audio performance. It is the latest addition to ROHM’s growing portfolio of PMICs designed for NXP’s i.MX application processors.

Events News
21st January 2020
Solutions for industrial and automotive applications

At Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany (February 25th to 27th 2020), ROHM Semiconductor will showcase its latest products for the industrial sector, such as PMICs, solutions for predictive maintenance, and power semiconductors in hall 3A, stand 121. The company’s focus on automotive applications will be functional safety and ADAS.

Artificial Intelligence
10th December 2019
High noise tolerant comparators enable simpler automotive designs

  ROHM has announced the development of the BA8290xYxxx-C-Series series of ground sense comparators delivering breakthrough tolerance against EMI (noise resistance,) suitable for sensor applications in automotive systems such as ECUs and powertrain.

28th November 2019
Ultra-low 200V IR Schottky Barrier Diodes

ROHM has announced the availability of 200V ultra-low IR Schottky Barrier Diodes (SBD) optimised for automotive applications including powertrains and xEVs. The RBxx8BM/NS200 expands on the RBxx8 lineup of SBDs enabling high temperature operation that have already been proven in the automotive market in Japan.

20th November 2019
Cameras cannot weigh down vehicles

  Redesigning MOSFET packaging helped Rohm to meet the demands of automotive cameras for high current handling capability

14th November 2019
Multiband wireless communication LSI for smart meters

ROHM Group company LAPIS Semiconductor has announced the availability of a multiband (sub-1GHz/2.4GHz) wireless communication LSI, ML7421, optimised for applications requiring low power consumption over relatively long distances, such as smart meters, gas/fire alarms, smart agriculture and home/building security systems.

15th October 2019
Four-pin package SiC MOSFETs with lower switching loss

ROHM has announced the availability of six new trench gate structure SiC MOSFETs (650V/1200V), the SCT3xxx xR-Series, well suited for server power supplies, UPS systems, solar power inverters, and EV charging stations requiring high efficiency. The SCT3xxx xR series utilises a four-pin package (TO-247-4L) that maximises switching performance.

25th September 2019
Automotive-grade backlight LED driver optimised for LCD panels

ROHM has announced the availability of the latest LED driver IC, the BD81A76EFV-M, optimised for LCD backlight in instrument cluster, centre information displays and car navigation. Unlike conventional drivers with four channels that support LCDs up to eight inches, this IC provides six channels of output (with 120mA per channel) that can support LCD panels of up to ten to 12” class.

28th August 2019
Buck-boost DC/DC converter achieves power savings

ROHM has announced the availability of a buck-boost DC/DC converter with integrated MOSFET, the BD83070GWL. It combines efficiency with high current consumption, making it well suited for IoT, wearables, and portable devices as it can prolong operating time in battery-equipped applications.

31st July 2019
Ultra-compact automotive MOSFETs bring mounting reliability

ROHM has announced the development of ultra-compact 1.6x1.6mm size MOSFETs that deliver superior mounting reliability. The RV4xxx series is AEC-Q101 qualified, ensuring automotive-grade reliability and performance under extreme conditions. ROHM’s original package processing technology enables the miniaturisation of automotive components, such as ADAS camera modules, that demand high quality.

23rd July 2019
Compact LEDs eliminate the need for light leakage countermeasures

ROHM has announced the availability of compact high output surface mount LEDs equipped with lens. This new lineup includes 18 devices, comprised of the CSL0901 series featuring standard brightness and the high brightness CSL0902 series.

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