ROHM's EcoGaN has been adopted by Innergie, a brand of Delta

27th February 2024
Paige West

ROHM recently disclosed that its 650V GaN device, branded as EcoGaN, has been integrated into the C4 Duo, a 45W USB-C charger by Innergie, a subsidiary of Delta.

Delta, known for its IoT-based smart green solutions globally and headquartered in Taiwan, benefits from the enhanced efficiency, reliability, and compact design afforded by ROHM's EcoGaN technology in its power supply systems.

The push for energy conservation is intensifying in the quest for a sustainable society, with a specific focus on reducing power loss in high-power equipment. GaN devices are increasingly favoured for power supplies due to their capacity for high-speed switching. This capability not only conserves energy but also enables the design of smaller circuitry.

ROHM's EcoGaN brand represents its commitment to advancing GaN device technology, known for its high potential yet challenging nature. The company has made significant strides in product development and solution provision, starting mass production of 150V withstand GaN HEMTs in 2022 and 650V withstand GaN HEMTs in 2023. These devices demonstrate good performance metrics such as RDS(ON) × Ciss / RDS(ON) × Coss. Furthermore, the integration of an ESD protection element into the GNP1150TCA-Z model has resulted in a 75% increase in ESD breakdown tolerance compared to standard GaN HEMTs, enhancing application reliability, and securing its adoption in the market.

Yuhei Yamaguchi, General Manager, Power Stage Product Development Dept., LSI Business Div., ROHM Co., Ltd. Said: “We are pleased to have ROHM's EcoGaN incorporated into USB-C chargers from Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions. ROHM contributes to Delta’s prowess in high-energy power supplies by leveraging analog technology that maximises power semiconductor performance and achieves superior topologies. Both companies share a similar management vision to realise a decarbonised and digital society, forming a strong partnership that resulted in the adoption of ROHM devices and ICs in Delta’s power circuit design. Furthermore, we look forward to our continued collaboration to promote greater miniaturisation and efficiency in chargers and other products that can contribute to enriching people’s lives.”

Jason Chen, General Manager, Innergie, a brand of Delta, said: “The development of GaN power devices is a major focus in the global electronics industry, and therefore, we have deepened our collaboration with ROHM over the past several years. Moreover, in 2022, we initiated a strategic partnership to jointly develop next-generation power semiconductors for power supply systems. This partnership has delivered ROHM’s advanced 650V GaN (GNP1150TCA-Z) devices, which are now supporting Innergie’s new products. The C4 Duo is the first model from Innergie’s ‘One for All Series’ adapters to use ROHM’s GaN devices, and we expect more models to adopt this state-of-the-art technology. We believe that, by strengthening our collaboration with ROHM, we will be able to provide customers adapters featuring higher power efficiency and capability, but with much smaller product size.”


Refers to ROHM’s new lineup of GaN devices that contribute to energy conservation and miniaturisation by maximising GaN characteristics to achieve lower application power consumption, smaller peripheral components, and simpler designs requiring fewer parts.

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