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Component Management
9th July 2020
Rehm ProtectoXC coating systems for range of applications

The ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing and coating systems by Rehm Thermal Systems protect electronic assemblies from aggressive environmental influences such as moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust or vibration. Coating the circuit board after soldering protects the functionality of the electronic assemblies, which may, for example, be used in technical end products of critical safety importance, such as in the automotive, aviation or medical ...

29th May 2020
Rehm Technology Academy offers webinar series

Rehm has announced that goal to keep everyone well informed in these times by providing webinars on the pros and cons of soldering with nitrogen, the ViCON system software by Rehm, vacuum soldering with condensation and contact soldering processes, as well as dryer solutions.

27th April 2020
Efficient use of nitrogen with CoolFlow option

For an optimal reflow soldering result, not only is melting of the solder important but also as a stable and reliable cooling process. This soldering process can be designed flexibly with the VisionXP+ convection soldering system from Rehm Thermal Systems with the CoolFlow option.

Component Management
1st April 2020
Stable reflow soldering system with adjustable heat flow

The VisionXP+ convection soldering system by Rehm Thermal Systems has provided the basis for good soldering results with its optimum heat transfer properties, even if the electronic components have different requirements with regard to your production process.

10th March 2020
Selective conformal coating made easy

With the ViCON system software, Rehm Thermal Systems has developed a user interface that enables the user to work intuitively. ViCON has now been redesigned for the special requirements of the dispensing and conformal coating systems of the Protecto series (ViCON Protecto).

Test & Measurement
4th February 2020
Systems for functional testing of sensitive electronics

Modern electronics are used nowadays in a range of industries and are therefore exposed to the most widely varied temperatures. Most notably, electronic assemblies in safety-related areas of application, such as medical technology, the automotive industry and aerospace technology, must function 100% reliably at all temperatures. 

Component Management
16th December 2019
Drying UV coatings for short cycle times

UV coatings and UV adhesives facilitate fast hardening in just seconds, ensure short cycle times and increased production speeds and successfully connect environmental and economic benefits. There are also qualitative aspects in addition to this, such as a high level of gloss, as well as the increased durability and scratch resistance of the surface.

20th November 2019
Smart software for efficient processes

With ViCON, Rehm Thermal Systems has designed and created software that meets all the requirements of modern, networked, and above all, future-orientated electronics manufacturing. The core feature of ViCON software’s development lies in the option of accessing the software from a variety of devices. 

Component Management
28th August 2019
Low-void soldering by flexible vacuum system

The demand for high-performance electronics is growing worldwide, driven by higher demand from for example the electro-mobility and LED global lighting industries. These different electronic applications require solder joints with as few voids as possible in both their structure and connection. 

Component Management
30th April 2019
Specialist book on fundamentals of reflow soldering

Plumbing the depths of reflow technology with the specialist books of Dr Hans Bell (Rehm Thermal Systems): in the wake of four successful volumes, the publication of the fifth marks the final part in the Rehm series ‘Reflow technology – Fundamentals of Reflow Soldering’. 

Events News
16th April 2019
Look further, go beyond at SMTconnect

Trade fair for the electronics industry, SMTconnect (formerly SMT Hybrid Packaging), will be opening its doors in Nuremberg from 7th to 9th May. Rehm Thermal Systems has announced that it will be attending again this year, and will be found in Hall 4A, at Stand 100.

Component Management
5th February 2019
Lacquering system with the option of 2K encapsulation

In modern electronics manufacturing it remains important to protect sensitive assemblies from external influences, reliably, safely and as well as possible. Yet continuing development and miniaturisation in electronics are creating ever more complex assemblies that call for an even more precise level of protection. 

Component Management
15th August 2018
Rehm and Electrolube: coating made easy

A collaboration that benefits electronics manufacturers around the world: That is what the cooperation between Rehm Thermal Systems and Electrolube is all about. The perfect interaction between coating systems and lacquers ensures optimum results during jetting, dispensing, spraying or curtain coating.

30th August 2017
Thermal system specialist at productronica India

Rehm will be attending productronica in India for the first time in September (14 to 16). The international electronics industry is focusing on India as a growth market for innovation and is playing host to discussions about the latest production strategies and technologies. India, second only to China, is one of the most populous countries of the world with nearly 1.3 billion people. In addition to this, India is also considered to be one o...

Test & Measurement
13th April 2017
Rehm ups testing capability at its Technology Centre

In order to be able to more closely inspect the quality directly after the printing or painting process, two new inspection systems of the TROI series from Pemtron are now in use at the Rehm Technology Centre in Blaubeuren. In Germany, the Korean equipment manufacturer is distributed by ANS answer elektronik.

24th March 2017
Solar power manufacturers in Asia discover the latest concepts

  This April, Rehm Thermal Systems will appear at two major international trade fairs in Asia – both in the world city of Shanghai. Visit at SNEC from 19 to 21 April or NEPCON China from 25 to 27 April.

Events News
16th March 2017
Rehm showcases Protecto at the ElectrontechEXPO 2017

Following Rehm Thermal Systems’ debut as an exhibitor at last year’s ElectrontechEXPO, the German engineering company will again present the latest equipment for efficient electronics manufacturing at the trade fair in Moscow in 2017. From 25th to 27th April, Rehm will be exhibiting at booth B419, with a focus on highly selective, innovative coating technologies and optimum protection of sensitive electronic assemblies.

Component Management
7th February 2017
Residue management system extends maintenance cycles

Soldering fumes, aerosols and solid particles (residues) have to be removed from the process cycle and are also produced when soldering electronic assemblies. Rehm Thermal Systems has recognised effective residue management for reflow convection soldering with the VisionXP+.

19th October 2016
Rehm expands presence in Mexico

Rehm Thermal Systems has been present in sales and service partners in North America and Latin America for several years. Large automotive suppliers and global electronics manufacturers are increasingly located in Mexico. Rehm has taken account of this development and established its own branch office in Guadalajara in 2014 for distribution, spare parts supply and service.

Events News
6th October 2016
Electronics manufacturing trends showcased at Technology Day

'Manufacturing in the age of digital transformation' was the theme of this year’s Technology Day on 29th September 2016 at Rehm Thermal Systems. With almost 150 guests, including regional and international clients, distributors and partner firms, the event was a resounding success. 

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