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7th February 2024
Sustainable, cost-effective vapour phase soldering

Closed-loop principle and active Galden filtration for sustainable condensation soldering by Rehm Thermal Systems at AMPER in Brno from 19–21 March 2024, at booth F.332.

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30th January 2024
Rehm at IPC APEX EXPO in Anaheim

Rehm Thermal Systems is showcasing innovative solutions in vapour phase soldering, coating, and dispensing systems at the IPC APEX EXPO in Anaheim, USA.

Events News
30th October 2023
Rehm at productronica 2023 in Munich

"Be pART of automation, digitalisation, and transformation" – Rehm at productronica 2023 in Munich from 14th to 17th November 2023.

7th June 2023
Flexible temperature profile for reflow soldering

The ideal temperature profile required for soldering an electronic assembly is subject to a number of factors, including the soldering paste, the components, the circuit board, as well as specific production conditions.

News & Analysis
9th May 2023
Manufacturing processes in the electronics industry webinars

In May, June, and July 2023, the event calendar of Rehm Thermal Systems is filled with new webinars on numerous topics relating to the world of electronics manufacturing.

15th March 2023
Soldering systems and coating plants from Rehm at productronica

When productronica China opens its doors once more in Shanghai from 13 to 15 April 2023, Rehm Thermal Systems, an expert in thermal system solutions and active on the Chinese market for over 15 years, will also be presenting the highlights of its latest product portfolio.

Events News
22nd February 2023
Be smart, take part – The art of sustainable electronics production

This is the motto used by Rehm Thermal Systems from Blaubeuren to extend its invitation to this year’s Technology Days on 26th and 27th April 2023 – just in time for the company’s 33rd anniversary.

23rd December 2022
Rehm: how to protect electronics

At the end of 2022, Rehm Thermal Systems in Blaubeuren had an agenda packed full of various information events relating to the world of electronic assemblies. In particular, the seminar ‘Protecting electronics from A to Z’ attracted a lot of attention.

Component Management
4th October 2022
Automatic coating and dispensing of oversize circuit boards

The ProtectoXP and ProtectoXC dispensing and coating systems from Rehm Thermal Systems protect electronic assemblies against harmful environmental factors such as moisture, corrosion, chemicals, dust, and vibration.

22nd September 2022
New webinars on soldering processes and networked systems

The start of autumn heralds the latest webinar series from Rehm Thermal Systems. In October, the in-house experts will first talk about the advantages of vapour phase soldering before moving on to the topic of connectivity with communication interfaces in SMT production.

14th September 2022
Energy-efficient drying and hardening in small spaces

In electronics manufacturing, optimal drying and hardening of lacquers, adhesives and casting compounds is of decisive importance for the entire process.

4th August 2022
Innovative bonding technologies for numerous applications

Bondexpo is regarded as a leading trade fair for bonding technology and is an important venue for companies involved in industrial dispensing and attaching.

Events News
18th July 2022
Cutting-edge technologies for electronics manufacturing

Under the motto ‘Cutting-edge technologies for electronics manufacturing’, the Technology Days event on 6th and 7th July 2022 brought customers and interested parties from Switzerland to Rehm Thermal Systems in Blaubeuren, Germany.

14th February 2022
More safety in medical technology with Rehm dispensing systems

Increasing cost pressure in medical technology is causing a change from manual small series production to a fully automated process.

12th November 2021
Climate-neutral trade fair stand at Productronica

Rehm Thermal Systems takes a holistic approach to environmental management

25th February 2021
Pramo continuous dryer for backend assembly

Wind power renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in the energy mix, electric drives have to deliver more and more power while consuming less energy. Rapid charging stations for hybrid and all-electric drives are in increasing demand and powerful battery storage devices are designed to help stabilise the power grid. They all have one thing in common – they all have control electronics and electronic housing assembli...

2nd February 2021
Soldering defects and soldering atmosphere

A typical question put to a manufacturer of reflow soldering systems like Rehm Thermal Systems is often: ‘What is the benefit of a nitrogen atmosphere?’ In the following Rehm has explored this question in relation to typical soldering defect scenarios, including those involving solder balls, beading, voiding, whiskers, graping, head-in-pillow, wetting defects and tombstones. 

Component Management
17th December 2020
Cleanroom conditions for semiconductor market soldering

With VisionX Semico, Rehm Thermal Systems developed a system that was adapted to the special requirements of the semiconductor market segment. It is based on the proven Vision series, which has been successfully established in the reflow soldering market for years. Especially important for the development of the VisionX Semico was the compliance with all specifications for the use of the system under clean room conditions.

Component Management
11th December 2020
Deoxidation under vacuum with active process gases

The Nexus contact soldering system from Rehm Thermal Systems guarantees best results in reflow soldering processes using contact heat under vacuum. This enables the Nexus to meet the highest requirements in the field of advanced packaging and power electronics. The contact soldering system with a vacuum is also bespoke for void-free soldering of different components (e.g. IGBT) on DBC substrates.

Component Management
28th October 2020
Reliable soldering through innovative process monitoring

Every electronics manufacturer wants flawless reliable soldering and precise documentation of all production-related processes. But how can you ensure that the printed circuit board has actually been processed in compliance with the prescribed regulations? Rehm Thermal Systems has developed ProCap software for this purpose. The tool monitors the stability of the reflow process for each individual product, thus enabling optimal process traceabilit...

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