Pramo continuous dryer for backend assembly

25th February 2021
Alex Lynn

Wind power renewable energy is playing an increasingly important role in the energy mix, electric drives have to deliver more and more power while consuming less energy. Rapid charging stations for hybrid and all-electric drives are in increasing demand and powerful battery storage devices are designed to help stabilise the power grid. They all have one thing in common – they all have control electronics and electronic housing assemblies inside them whose reliability has to be guaranteed at all times. With the Pramo, Rehm Thermal Systems has offered a system that provides optimum drying and curing results.

These highly complex assemblies use several manufacturing techniques, which are all there to ensure the reliability of the assembly. Depending on the application and requirements, the modules are painted to protect them from corrosion and environmental influences or have to be firmly integrated into the housing by means of encapsulation or adhesive technology.

The drying and curing of different materials is an essential step of the process.

Rehm Thermal Systems offers innovative drying and curing processes for this field of application that meet any requirement. The new Pramo drying system guarantees best drying and curing results thanks to reliable looped band transport. The flexible carrier receptors are interchangeable, which means various assemblies – also special forms –can be guided safely and reliably through the plant.

The assemblies on product carriers are transported through the system in the Pramo continuous dryer with ‘shuttles’ passing through several zones in which they are heated up to the appropriate temperature and then maintained at the set temperature for the drying / hardening process. Cycle time depends on the time the assemblies need to harden the materials within the drying system according to specifications.

Hot-function test – flexible solution with Pramo

The Pramo offers flexibility and security in the design and implementation of your testing tasks, including with warm function testing. Stable circular product carrier transport ensures safe transport of the assembly through the system and absolute process stability.

This gives the Pramo sufficient capacity to reliably adhere to the desired test temperature, even when processing large parts in a short cycle time. In order to guarantee the removal of the assemblies at the appropriate temperature, the product carrier return is designed as an additional heating zone.

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