Sustainable, cost-effective vapour phase soldering

7th February 2024
Sheryl Miles

Closed-loop principle and active Galden filtration for sustainable condensation soldering by Rehm Thermal Systems at AMPER in Brno from 19–21 March 2024, at booth F.332.

AMPER in Brno, Czech Republic, is a European trade event for the electronics industry. With over 400 exhibitors from the fields of electrical engineering, energy, automation, communication, and lighting, it offers insights into the latest trends and innovations for over 25,000 professionals from various industries.

Rehm Thermal Systems is exhibiting again this year and presents a CondensoXC Vac for condensation soldering. The Condenso series offers much greater flexibility for the condensation soldering process than is achievable with conventional soldering methods.

Patented injection principle for optimal profiling

The use of the injection principle and control of temperature and pressure enable more precise and diverse reflow profiling. Thus, reproducible soldering conditions are guaranteed, increasing process stability. For optimal and nearly void-free results, a vacuum option is available for all Condenso systems.

Integrated closed-loop system for minimal medium consumption

With the integrated closed-loop system for the injected medium Galden, Rehm has implemented a future-proof, sustainable solution from the outset. The principle is equally efficient and resource-saving. After soldering, the vacuum and/or cooling process starts. At the same time, the process gas is extracted and cleaned. During extraction, a vacuum is created, which also ensures rapid drying of the soldered goods and the process chamber, thus minimizing losses when ejecting the products.

The extracted Galden is filtered and cleaned of impurities using granules. This allows approximately 99.9% of the medium to be recovered. The cleaned liquid is stored in a container at room temperature and made available for further processes. This eliminates evaporation losses and energy losses. The hermetic sealing of the process chamber (simultaneously vacuum chamber) also excludes the "evaporation loss" of Galden during soldering. In addition to minimal maintenance effort, operating costs are reduced due to lower medium consumption.

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