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18th June 2020
Rambus Delivers 112G XSR/USR PHY for chiplets

Rambus has expanded its portfolio of high-speed interface IP on TSMC’s 7nm process with the addition of its silicon-demonstrated 112G XSR/USR PHY. Offering unmatched power and area efficiency for next-generation applications, the 112G XSR/USR PHY is a critical enabler of chiplet and CPO architectures for data centre, networking, 5G, HPC and AI/ML applications.

Cyber Security
12th June 2020
Rambus CryptoManager for enhanced security

Rambus has announced the CryptoManager Root of Trust RT-640 and RT-645 cores have been certified ASIL-B and ASIL-D ready, respectively. These automotive-grade secure co-processor IP safeguards SoCs in V2X communications, ADAS, ECU platform management, infotainment and other critical vehicle systems.

18th May 2020
Pushing the envelope for ADAS with advanced memory technologies

Driver assistance systems such as cruise control are now part of the standard specification in a modern vehicle. ADAS Level-2 (L2), partial automation, and the first Level-3 (L3) conditional automation systems are in the market, but the journey to full automation still has some years to go. Here, Frank Ferro, Senior Director of Product Marketing for IP cores at Rambus explains.

Cyber Security
1st May 2020
800G MACsec solution for 5G infrastructure security

Rambus has announced its 800G MACsec (Media Access Control security) solution for next-generation networking infrastructure. The 800G MACsec solution delivers hardware-based, point-to-point security for 800 Gigabit Ethernet links and is a critical element of end-to-end network security.

2nd April 2020
Complete interface solution for HBM2E memory launched

Rambus has announced a comprehensive interface solution for HBM2E memory consisting of co-verified PHY and memory controller. Operating at a top speed of 3.2 Gbps over a 1024-bit wide interface, the interface can deliver 410 GB/s of bandwidth with a single HBM2E DRAM stack.

13th January 2020
Memory subsystem solution for next-generation AI training chip

Rambus has announced that Enflame (Suiyuan) Technology has selected Rambus HBM2 PHY and Memory Controller IP for its next-generation AI training chip. Rambus memory interface IP enables the development of high-performance, next-generation hardware for leading-edge AI applications.

18th November 2019
Portfolio of advanced memory and SerDes PHYs on TSMC N7 process

Rambus has announced a broad portfolio of high-speed memory and SerDes PHYs for next-generation applications on TSMC’s industry-leading N7 process technology. Rambus offers GDDR6, HBM2 and 112G LR PHY IP available for licensing, these solutions enable demanding applications for data centre, networking, wireless 5G, HPC, ADAS, AI and ML.

15th October 2019
Advancing AI with faster memory systems

Steven Woo of Rambus explains some of the challenges to closing the AI memory gap. Over the last 15 years the use of artificial intelligence (AI) techniques has boomed. We now carry AI assistants in our pockets, trust algorithms to provide image recognition in autonomous vehicles and use machine learning to predict the spread of disease. The development of these modern AI applications has only come about because of advances in AI algorithms,...

30th September 2019
Leading-edge 7nm process node for PPA

Rambus has announced the tapeout of its 112G XSR SerDes PHY on a 7nm process node optimised for PPA. As the industry continues to adopt chiplet architectures for networking and compute applications, the Rambus 112G XSR SerDes PHY represents the latest advancement in high-speed signalling technology for die-to-die (D2D) and die-to-optical engine (D2OE) connections.

15th May 2019
Securing systems: Four top tips for design engineers

Scott Best, Technical Director of Anti-Counterfeiting Products, Rambus, explains the role of cryptographic ICs. As system counterfeiting attacks continue to send shockwaves across industries, design engineers are evaluating how best to deploy cryptographic authentication integrated circuits (ICs) to secure systems. While there is no shortage of options available, in reality many of these solutions provide very poor levels of additional secur...

17th April 2019
Power efficiency for SoCs in data-intensive applications

The newest portfolio solution of 112G Long Reach (LR) SerDes PHY on a leading-edge 7nm process node for next-generation terabit switches, routers, optical transport networks (OTNs), and high-performance networking equipment, has been announced by Rambus.

5th February 2019
GDDR6 PHY IP on seven nanometre process technology

The tapeout of its GDDR6 PHY on TSMCseven nanometre FinFET process technology has been announced by Rambus, and is available from Rambus for licensing today. Leveraging almost 30 years of high-speed interface design expertise and using advanced process technology, Rambus has successfully taped out a GDDR6 PHY IP on TSMC seven nanometre process technology.

18th January 2019
Innovative technology acquisition to expand Flash memory offerings

The company dedicated to making data faster and safer, Rambus, has announced that it has acquired the assets of Diablo Technologies to broaden its portfolio in the hybrid DRAM and Flash memory markets. These patented innovations augment the existing Rambus NVDIMM portfolio and complement its high-bandwidth, low-power memory technologies.

10th December 2018
CryptoManager platform selected for Authenta technology

  Rambus has announced that Micron Technology has selected the Rambus CryptoManager Platform for Micron’s Authenta secure memory product line to enable a new level of protection for the Internet of Things (IoT) devices. 

Cyber Security
17th April 2018
Mitigating security vulnerabilities like Meltdown and Spectre

Rambus has announced the availability of the CryptoManager Root of Trust, a fully programmable hardware security core built with a custom RISC-V CPU. The secure processing core creates a siloed architecture that isolates and secures the execution of sensitive code, processes and algorithms from the primary processor.

26th March 2018
Rambus develops hybrid memory system for future data centers

Rambus has announced a collaboration with IBM to research hybrid memory systems. Targeting one of the industry’s key performance challenges, Rambus Labs and IBM aim to optimise the use of DRAM and emerging memories to create a high-capacity memory subsystem that delivers comparable performance to DRAM alone.

Artificial Intelligence
24th January 2018
Memory solution supports AI automotive and networking applications

  The new GDDR6 (Graphics Double Data Rate) Memory PHY IP Core has been announced by Rambus, which is targeted for high-performance applications including cryptocurrency mining, artificial intelligence (AI), ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) and networking.

25th April 2017
Rambus partners with Samsung to develop 56G SerDes PHY

Rambus has announced that it is partnering with Samsung Electronics for its recently launched 56G SerDes PHY to be developed on Samsung’s 10nm LPP (Low-Power Plus) process technology. The industry-leading 56G SerDes PHY delivers enterprise-class performance across the challenging signaling environments typical of high-speed communication systems and provides PAM-4 and NRZ signaling with a scalable ADC-based (analog-to-digital converter...

18th April 2017
Rambus expands cryogenic memory collaboration with Microsoft

Rambus has announced an expanded collaboration with Microsoft researchers to develop prototype systems that optimise memory performance in cryogenic temperatures. Following the initial collaboration announced in December 2015, this new agreement extends joint efforts to enhance memory capabilities, reduce energy consumption and improve overall system performance.

1st March 2017
Unified Payment Platform allows users to digitise credit cards into secure retail wallet

A comprehensive mobile payments platform has been announced by Rambus. It will enhance payment security, reduce operational costs and increase revenue for retailers. The Rambus Unified Payment Platform securely converts and manages digital value to enable consumers to pay with credit, points and coupons in a single transaction and transform how they shop and pay.

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