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13th November 2023
ProTek Devices unveils new TVS hybrid array

ProTek Devices has launched a new transient voltage suppressor (TVS) hybrid array, the PTA03-3.3ULC, designed to offer robust circuit protection in high-speed data line applications. This includes Ethernet, set-top boxes, xDSL, T1/E1 line cards, and ISDN. 

28th September 2023
High power, low capacitance TVS array protects high speed data from ESD

ProTek Devices distributor Inelco Hunter has announced the availability of the new PTA03-3.3ULC device which is a high power, low capacitance TVS hybrid array gigabit ethernet protector.

20th March 2023
ProTek devices intros high voltage suppression component for aerospace

ProTek Devices has created a high-powered surface mount transient voltage suppression component designed for motor, module, and AC/DC systems such as those in aircraft, to enable equipment circuit protection from damaging effects of high voltage spikes.

29th November 2022
ProTek Devices: high current voltage suppressor SMDs

ProTek Devices has introduced a series of 10kA bidirectional transient voltage suppressors for circuit protection in DC and AC, in telecommunications infrastructure, and other similar industrial applications.

Component Management
13th September 2022
ProTek Devices intros its first hybrid semiconductor circuit protection devices

ProTek Devices has introduced a hybrid semiconductor technology that is the company’s first ever for circuit protection in common industrial and household applications like power adapters, home appliances, industrial automation controls, smart meters, and other critical applications.

21st June 2022
ProTek TVS modules for aerospace protection

ProTek Devices has added circuit protection devices to its family of high-powered surface mount transient voltage suppression components that provide circuit protection in numerous military/aerospace and industrial applications.

25th October 2021
ProTek Devices introduces TVS array

ProTek Devices has introduced a steering diode/transient voltage suppressor array (TVS array) for circuit protection in common computing interfaces such as HDMI and DVI, USB, SATA, and PCIe. The PLR0504FN5 TVS array provides an ultra-low capacitance of 0.3pF, typical for I/O to ground.

12th July 2021
Combo arrays and diodes for circuit protection

ProTek Devices has introduced two new ultra-low capacitance (<3pF) low leakage current (<10nA) thyristor array and steering diode combination devices for circuit protection in consumer entertainment and networking devices like set top boxes and modems. They specifically provide surge protection in high-speed data interfaces.

27th April 2021
Smaller profile circuit protection TVS components

ProTek Devices has introduced a series of high-powered surface mount TVS components for circuit protection from electromagnetic field, lightning, and other electrical fast transients in high power applications. These new devices for motors and relays are provided in that industry’s lowest-profile packaging compared with competing solutions.

30th September 2020
ProTek steering diode protects against electrostatic discharge

ProTek Devices has introduced an ultra-low capacitance steering diode / TVS array for circuit protection against electrostatic discharge and surge transient voltages in Gigabit Ethernet, HDMI, USB, and other computing interfaces. The new component provides protection for six rail-to-rail data lines, making it optimal for applications with minimal board space.

27th July 2020
ProTek Devices’ TVS arrays thwart USB killer attacks

ProTek Devices has introduced TVS arrays capable of guarding against malicious or unsuspecting USB Killer attacks that are proven highly costly to organisations in equipment and data loss. The new component offers circuit protection against positive ESD, fast surge voltage transients, and high negative voltage transients at data lines such as are possible with USB Killer devices.

15th June 2020
Hybrid semiconductor for AC power circuit protection

ProTek Devices has introduced a new patent-pending series of hybrid semiconductor components for AC power circuit protection in consumer and industrial applications like home appliances, industrial equipment automation controls, instrumentation, and SMART meters.

24th January 2020
TVS components aid circuit protection in AC and DC applications

ProTek Devices has introduced a family of high-powered transient voltage suppressor components for circuit protection in DC, AC and remote transmission line applications. The family of TVS components consists of eight devices with varying ranges of volts. These TVS components are high-current capable and offer a good clamping voltage.

18th November 2019
TVS array for high resolution display and USB circuit protection

ProTek Devices has introduced a new steering diode transient voltage suppressor array for circuit protection across popular consumer electronic display interfaces. The new PUSB403 device is ideal for USB 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.1 and for HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 on UHD and 4K displays.

4th July 2019
Diode designed for CAN bus and automotive circuit protection

  ProTek Devices has introduced a new circuit protection diode to shield CAN Bus and other automotive subsystem designs from electrostatic discharge and other electrical fast transient damage. The ESD protection level is rated at greater than 25 kilovolts.

28th May 2019
Circuit protection components for computing interfaces

Two new series of steering diode / TVS arrays have been introduced by ProTek Devices, for surge, electrostatic discharge and other circuit protection in computing applications such as Ethernet ports, set-top boxes, and other computing ports and interfaces. The PSRDAxx-4A and PSRDAxx-6A series are low capacitance multi-line steering diode / transient voltage suppressor arrays.

25th April 2019
TVS array series for automotive sub-systems circuit protection

A new series of AEC-Q101 qualified transient voltage suppressor arrays (TVS arrays), has been introduced by ProTek Devices, for circuit protection in aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, intelligent control systems and telecommunications applications. The new PAM37SDxxAL/CAL series is available in multiple voltages.

26th September 2018
Double diode array for switch and reverse blocking protection

  A TVS diode array designed for circuit protection of proximity sensors in automated factory sensory applications has been introduced ProTek Devices. The new device features a double diode array for switch protection and reverse blocking protection.

29th August 2018
TVS array for circuit protection in data interfaces

  ProTek Devices has introduced an ultra low capacitance Transient Voltage Suppressor array (TVS array) for circuit protection in popular data interface connections such as Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, USB 2.0 and 3.0, and HDMI 1.4 and 2.0. The very low capacitance for the new PLR0521U TVS array is 0.8pF max (typical).

30th July 2018
AEC qualified ESD diode for circuit protection

It has been announced that ProTek Devices has introduced a new circuit protection diode suited for automotive applications, such as Controller Area Network (CAN) bus lines. The new PAM3CAN diode is qualified by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC).

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