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16th August 2022
Growing Demand for Ultra-High Precision Optics

Optical Surfaces Ltd. reports how strong demand for high precision optics and optical systems from the astronomy, fundamental physics and defence communities has enabled it to exceed its annual sales target after just 7-months of 2022. This follows a 20% growth in sales achieved in the previous 2 years.

26th July 2022
High magnification beam expander for small aperture applications

Optical Surfaces has developed a compact beam expander that uniquely delivers high magnification (x30) from small aperture (2mm) high power laser beam lines.

11th July 2022
Reference flat mirrors for satellite telescope performance verification

Optical Surfaces reports how its high precision reference flat mirrors are enabling testing and precise alignment of Earth observation satellite telescopes.

6th May 2022
Telescope system for Zettawatt Equivalent laser

Optical Surfaces has been selected by the Gérard Mourou Centre for fast Optical Science (CUOS) at the University of Michigan (US) to provide beam expander optics for its Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System (ZEUS).

Aerospace & Defence
1st April 2022
Large optical windows for military sensing applications

Optical Surfaces is an established manufacturer and supplier of large-area windows of optical quality for military sensing applications.

4th March 2022
Infrared collimators for performance testing of thermal cameras

Optical Surfaces is a supplier of off-axis parabolic and flat mirrors, the key optical elements in Infrared (IR) collimators commonly used for evaluating the performance of thermal imaging systems.

21st December 2021
Wideband infrared beamsplitter for military testing

Optical Surfaces has supplied a high precision beamsplitter that lies at the heart of a Michelson type interferometer for testing of optical components used in military applications.

28th October 2021
Beam collimator design delivers high performance

Optical Surfaces Ltd. reports on a technological development that has allowed them to produce a novel athermalised beam collimator design that delivers stable high performance across a wide temperature range.  

30th July 2021
Highly efficient fibre optic channel plates

Optical Surfaces has reported how it is machining and polishing high precision Fibre Optic Channel Plates (FOCP) for an X-ray shielding application. Fibre Optic Channel Plates are widely used as optical devices to replace optical lenses because they require no focusing distance making them a suited component when creating a compact optical device.

25th June 2021
Large diameter optical flats with surface accuracy

Optical Surfaces has reported on growing demand for larger (350 - 600mm clear aperture) diameters. Working with materials including ClearCeram, Fused Quartz and Zerodur in their thermally stable manufacturing environment - Optical Surfaces has routinely achieved a surface accuracy of up to lambda/20 peak-to-valley and surface roughness of 10 Å rms on reference flats up to 650mm in diameter.

4th March 2021
Parabolic mirrors assist accurate 3D flight tracking

Optical Surfaces has been selected by the Optical Engineering Group at the University of Warwick (UK) School of Engineering to supply key focusing optics to enable accurate 3D flight tracking and analysis of mosquito flight behaviour.

10th February 2021
Optimistic outlook at Optical Surfaces

Specialist high precision optics manufacturer, Optical Surfaces has reported that despite the pressures of the global pandemic they managed to increase orders by 28% during 2020.

7th January 2021
Prisms for cryogenic measurements in spectrograph

Optical Surfaces has received an order to supply the University of Oxford with three speciality glass prisms for cryogenic measurements for a study that will enable defining key components in the HARMONI spectrometer being developed for ESO’s Extremely Large Telescope (ELT).

12th November 2020
Durable mirrors for high power lasers

Optical Surfaces, a specialist producer of high performance coated, durable mirrors, up to 600mm in diameter, for use with high power femtosecond lasers, has employed the latest dielectric coating technology. These high-power laser mirrors provide minimum pulse distortion and the maximum usable bandwidth.

27th October 2020
Optical windows for wind tunnel aerodynamic testing

Optical Surfaces has produced large diameter, high precision windows for wind tunnel aerodynamic testing. Aerodynamicists and engineers use wind tunnels to test models of proposed aircraft and engine components. During a test, the model is placed in the test section of the tunnel and air is made to flow past the model.

21st August 2020
Off-axis parabolic mirrors offer near high reflectance

Optical Surfaces has reported that its off-axis parabolic mirrors are particularly suitable for coating using an Ion Beam Sputtering (IBS) technique that provides near 100% reflectivity thereby providing high protection from thermal damage that often arises from high power continuous wave lasers.

27th July 2020
Spectrograph optics enable recording of faint stars

Optical Surfaces has reported delivery to the Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP) of high precision disperser prisms and folding mirror components that lie at the heart of the SPIRou / SPIP near infrared spectrograph.

15th May 2020
Off-axis parabolic mirrors for optical instruments

Off-axis parabolic mirrors are the most common type of aspherical mirrors used in optical instruments because they are free from spherical aberrations, and can focus a parallel beam to a point or point source to infinity.

17th April 2020
Ultra-smooth mirrors for space research

Using specialist production techniques, and benefiting from a stable manufacturing environment, Optical Surfaces’ experienced and skilled engineering team are known for producing ultra-smooth mirrors with surface accuracy, surface quality and surface slope errors.

25th March 2020
Ultra-stable precision mounts for optics and mirrors

Optical Surfaces offers a range of high precision mounts developed to support off-axis paraboloids, spheres and optical flats up to 600mm diameter in applications where stability is important. Constructed in black anodized aluminium – four models of OS Mounts provide a secure and stable platform for mirror diameters from 100 to 254mm.

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