Fast focusing on-axis parabolic mirrors

28th September 2022
Sheryl Miles

Optical Surfaces is a producer of on-axis parabolic mirrors for applications in fundamental, high-power laser physics research.

Benefiting from a stable manufacturing environment and employing proprietary production techniques the skilled engineers at Optical Surfaces can, depending on the surface accuracy required, generate fast focusing on-axis parabolic mirrors (< f 0.7).

On-axis parabola are fast-focusing mirrors suitable for both broadband and multiple wavelength applications due to their achromatic performance.

To optimise their performance – Optical Surfaces offers a range of protective mirror coatings including metallic, multilayer dielectric and ultra-hard coatings for the most demanding high-power lasers.

Manufactured from materials including glass, ceramic, and silica – fast focusing on-axis parabolic mirrors from Optical Surfaces are designed to optimise the performance of ultra-high power pulsed lasers. All surface accuracies are checked by interferometer and are optimal over λ/10 p-v wave accuracy with low scatter.

For use with high-power femtosecond lasers operating at 750 to 850nm, these mirrors can be used at power densities of up to 100mJ/cm2 for continuous 50-fs pulses without deterioration. Production approved to ISO 9001-2015 attests to the quality and performance.

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