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16th November 2023
High-precision ellipsoidal mirrors

Optical Surfaces has announced its precision ellipsoidal mirrors for demanding applications in telescopes, beam expanders and high-resolution x-ray imaging instruments.

24th October 2023
Optical Surfaces expands range of large diameter mirror mounts

The OS series of large-diameter mirror mounts from Optical Surfaces are proven to provide a secure platform for larger, high-precision flat, off-axis, and spherical mirrors in stability-critical applications.

Test & Measurement
21st September 2023
Advanced instruments for performing accurate lens measurements

Optical Surfaces reports how high precision off-axis parabolic mirrors it is supplying to OPTIKOS Corporation (Wakefield, USA) function as key components for collimation in their OpTest product line of MTF measurement devices.

7th August 2023
Flat etalons improve precision of Fabry–Pérot interferometers

Etalons are widely used in telecommunications, lasers, and spectroscopy to control and measure the wavelengths of light.

21st July 2023
Large diameter custom and prototype lenses

Optical Surfaces is a manufacturer of precision custom and prototype lenses for the most demanding camera, collimator, and optical imaging system applications.

21st June 2023
Easy alignment beam expander modules

Optical Surfaces Ltd has developed a new modular approach enabling simple set-up of a larger diameter beam expander assembly aligned to your optical experiment.

11th May 2023
Optical Surfaces and IPPL collaborate on off-axis parabolic mirrors

Optical Surfaces has collaborated with the Institute of Plasma Physics & Lasers at the Hellenic Mediterranean University (Rethymno, Crete, Greece) to develop high quality customised optics, including off-axis parabolic mirrors, as key focusing elements for their 'Zeus' 45 TW ultrashort laser pulse system.

27th March 2023
Large output beam expander optics for interferometric testing

Optical Surfaces has released a large output beam expander optics enabling interferometers to be used for testing of large optical flats up to 600mm in diameter.

1st March 2023
Spectrograph optics for space applications

Spectrographs are the ‘go to’ scientific instruments used to study the chemical / physical conditions that exist through a cross-section of space. Combined with a terrestrial or spaceborne telescope a spectrograph can reveal the details that are stored in the spectral distribution of light from a distant star or galaxy.

27th January 2023
Easy-to-use, high stability Optical Mounts

Optical Surfaces Ltd, offer a range of optical mounts designed to mechanically support parabolic, spherical, and flat mirrors from 100 to 600mm (4 to 24 inches) in diameter.

16th December 2022
Ultra-smooth focusing mirrors for high-power laser experiments

Drawing upon decades of experience, Optical Surfaces is regularly selected by specialist laser research groups including AWE, ELI, LULI, and CLF Rutherford to provide ultra-smooth focusing mirrors and other related optics for the most demanding high-power laser applications.

23rd November 2022
Diffraction-limited mirrors used to produce holographic gratings

Looking to develop their next generation of high-resolution holographic diffraction gratings – Wasatch Photonics commissioned Optical Surfaces Ltd. to manufacture two large diameter off-axis parabolic mirrors – key components in their production process.

1st November 2022
Elliptical optical flats & mirrors

Optical Surfaces, a specialist manufacturer of large, high precision optical flats and coated flat mirrors including a range of non-circular shapes such as elliptical and octagonal.

28th September 2022
Fast focusing on-axis parabolic mirrors

Optical Surfaces is a producer of on-axis parabolic mirrors for applications in fundamental, high-power laser physics research.

16th August 2022
Growing Demand for Ultra-High Precision Optics

Optical Surfaces Ltd. reports how strong demand for high precision optics and optical systems from the astronomy, fundamental physics and defence communities has enabled it to exceed its annual sales target after just 7-months of 2022. This follows a 20% growth in sales achieved in the previous 2 years.

26th July 2022
High magnification beam expander for small aperture applications

Optical Surfaces has developed a compact beam expander that uniquely delivers high magnification (x30) from small aperture (2mm) high power laser beam lines.

11th July 2022
Reference flat mirrors for satellite telescope performance verification

Optical Surfaces reports how its high precision reference flat mirrors are enabling testing and precise alignment of Earth observation satellite telescopes.

6th May 2022
Telescope system for Zettawatt Equivalent laser

Optical Surfaces has been selected by the Gérard Mourou Centre for fast Optical Science (CUOS) at the University of Michigan (US) to provide beam expander optics for its Zettawatt-Equivalent Ultrashort pulse laser System (ZEUS).

Aerospace & Defence
1st April 2022
Large optical windows for military sensing applications

Optical Surfaces is an established manufacturer and supplier of large-area windows of optical quality for military sensing applications.

4th March 2022
Infrared collimators for performance testing of thermal cameras

Optical Surfaces is a supplier of off-axis parabolic and flat mirrors, the key optical elements in Infrared (IR) collimators commonly used for evaluating the performance of thermal imaging systems.

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