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20th December 2016
High precision beamsplitters feature a range of coatings

  Optical Surfaces is a manufacturer and supplier of high precision, custom beamsplitters and beamsplitting assemblies to leading spectroscopy, interferometry and imaging companies worldwide looking to enhance the performance of their instruments.

21st November 2016
Powerful laser system achieved through beam expanders

  The first of ten high performance beam expanders have been supplied to Thales, from Optical Surfaces. The beam expanders for the Extreme Light Infrastructure for Nuclear Physics (ELI-NP) project are to develop the world’s most powerful laser system.

16th September 2016
Lenses designed for new wide field imager

Series of high precision lenses designed for a new wide field imager has been supplied to the National Observatory of Athens by Optical Surfaces, that will extend the capabilities of its 2.3m Aristarchos Telescope. The Aristarchos Wide-Field Camera (AWFC) is a new wide field imager which will be used on the 2.3m Aristarchos telescope at the Helmos Observatory in Greece.

11th January 2016
Parabolic mirrors delivered for Petawatt laser

The production team at Optical Surfaces has manufactured a very fast parent F 0.6 parabola from which 3 fast focusing off-axis parabolic mirrors with surface accuracy of better than lambda/8 P-V, surface quality of 20/10 scratch/dig and surface slope error of lambda/10/cm P-V were produced. The world class Gemini laser based at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, delivers Petawatt power laser pulses to targets only a few microns in size.

7th August 2015
Active isolation enables portable reflective collimators

For organisations looking for the flexibility of being able to use a reflective collimator on different experiments around their laboratory, Optical Surfaces has developed self-aligning isolating feet. The isolating feet allow a ±10mm height adjustment and enable easy relocation of the collimator without any loss of performance. 

15th December 2014
Beam expander chosen for Doppler Wind Lidar system

Optical Surfaces has been selected by Beijing Metstar Radar (Metstar) to supply a high precision beam expander that will form a key component in their next generation fibre-based pulse Doppler Wind Lidar system. Metstar`s charter is to combine the latest technological advancements in both meteorology and electronics to provide high-class and reliable weather radars and services to the domestic and oversea customers and to branch out int...

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