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OMC is one of the longest established specialist manufacturers of optoelectronics in Europe.

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24th October 2014
Polymer fibre optic cable addresses challenging environments

  To address challenging environment applications, a 1mm core polymer fibre optic cable with a reinforced jacket incorporating aramid tension members, has been released by OMC. Compared to standard polymer fibre, the cable provides more resistance to crush and abrasion. 

24th October 2014
Fibre optic links are suitable for Smart Factories

Fibre optic links, developed by OMC, are particularly suitable for industrial automation system designers adopting Smart Factory/Industry 4.0 working practices. To ensure that fibre-optic data links perform consistently and reliably from link to link, the company has developed active component alignment technology.

16th July 2014
Metal connector system claimed to be low-cost

A range of metal optical transmitter/receiver devices, claimed to be low-cost, have been released by OMC. The H19 range, which is designed for use with polymer fibre systems, includes both single channel devices for use with simplex fibre and dual channel devices with duplex connectors facilitating transceiver operation.

20th June 2014
SMA fibre-optic devices transmit digital signals with ease

OMC has launched the H22R6850G, a rugged, reliable receiver for multimode glass and polymer fibre systems and its corresponding transmitter, H22E6850G, both in the widely-preferred SMA package. The high-sensitivity H22R6850G is optimised for use with 850nm transmitters and provides a direct 0-5V digital output, allowing direct connection to digital circuitry.

27th November 2013
High-res remote imaging enabled by coherent polymer fibre

A new coherent polymer fibre which enables high resolution remote imaging has been announced today by OMC. The bundle consists of thousands of individual polymer fibre cores which are arranged coherently at each end such that the image incident on one fibre face is visible on the other face.

12th June 2013
New ClearSource LED Emitters From OMC Enable Precision Sensing And Detection

OMC has introduced its ClearSource range of solid-state emitters that use a new die bonding technique to connect the LED chip electronically to the leadframe, eliminating ‘dark spots’ and improving beam precision.

4th June 2013
New ProfiLED Lightbars From OMC Save Cost; Provide Even Illumination

OMC has announced the launch of its ProfiLED Lightbar product family, which reduce cost and offer an improved appearance, especially in low and medium volume applications.

24th April 2013
OMC Launches New Range Of SPECTRALUX LED Arrays For High Illumination Applications.

OMC has launched its 550 series SPECTRALUX Light Engines targeting applications that require high levels of light output, such as rail signalling, runway lights or architectural spotlighting. SPECTRALUX Light Engines are arrays of highly efficient, tightly-matched LEDs. They are the preferred light source in a wide variety of luminaire applications because they enable lighting designers to quickly, reliably and easily take advantage of LED techno...

7th November 2012
Multi-angle LED light tubes from OMC are bright, robust and long life

OMC, today announced a new version of their rugged, robust and high-brightness multi-angle LED light tube range which can be used to replace traditional light sources in hundreds of applications, saving power and lasting much longer than fluorescent products.

18th October 2012
High performance SPECTRALUX light engines from OMC deliver 130 lumens/watt

OMC have launched new light engines which offer very high luminous efficiencies of up to 30 per cent higher than alternatives currently available. 220-series SPECTRALUX light engines deliver up to 130lm/W and feature life expectancies of up to 40 years.

19th September 2012
High-reliability flexible LED strips from OMC deliver a versatile illumination solution for industrial and signage applications

A high build-quality and very versatile range of flexible LED strips is available from OMC. Unlike many LED lighting strips which are designed for relatively short-term, decorative use, OMC’s Flexistrip™ product uses closely spaced, ultra high brightness LEDs and incorporate a number of unique features that ensure long-lasting, bright and even illumination. Strips can be cut to length with scissors and fixed in place using the pre-fit...

28th June 2012
New emitter technology from OMC enables bright white and blue bespoke backlights from a 5V source

OMC can now offer bespoke backlights for LCDs based on a new emitter design that provides the brightness of a dual chip emitter but requires only the forward voltage of single chip solution. Therefore, for the first time, users can drive OMC’s white and blue Profiled Backlight range from a 5V source, which OMC say is becoming ever more desirable in modern applications.

20th June 2012
New SPECTRALUX Light Engines from OMC enable effective LED lighting design

OMC has introduced a range of Light Engines designed to simplify LED lighting design. SPECTRALUX light engines enable luminaire manufacturers and other lighting users to produce a vast range of products that deliver excellent illumination and have an extremely long life time at particularly high luminous efficiencies which in many cases exceed 100lm/W.

14th May 2012
OMC offers complete package of polymer fibre cables, components and assemblies

OMC can now deliver a full range of polymer fibre optic components and assemblies to ensure cost-effective, secure and interference-free data transmission. Ideally applicable in factories, machinery and other industrial applications over distances ranging from a metre to 50 metres, polymer fibre has not found the wide acceptance it might have done due to limited availability of high quality, versatile connectors and a general lack of expertise in...

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