Tx/Rx pair can be used with glass & polymer fibre

20th March 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

A flexible fibre optic Tx/Rx pair, which enables systems designers to develop links using polymer fibre, has been released by OMC. If the distances involved extend beyond the range of polymer, the H19 connector system can be used with glass fibre. This upgrade is easy, requiring minimal changes and using the same diodes. 

The H19E2000BHR 660nm high power red emitter can be paired with the H19R850IR PIN Photodiode and if link distances are relatively short they can be used with a low cost plastic optical fibre. If the system then needs to be used over a longer distance beyond the range of plastic fibre, the cable can be replaced by a glass fibre and the operational distance of the link increased with no changes needed to the transmitter or receiver pair. This gives the user the flexibility of being able to specify the most cost-effective solution for a given installation with the versatility of being able to upgrade link distances via a simple cable change, without having to make any modifications to the transmitters or receivers.

William Heath, Commercial Director, OMC, said: “Our H19 package features the cost advantages of a high quality plastic housing, but the design incorporates a precision-machined metal ferrule which provides a much higher level of precision and ruggedness over plastic-ferruled systems. Our termination and alignment processes, including our proprietary ACA technology, enable it to function effectively with polymer or glass systems, resulting in the ultimate in system flexibility and simplifying any upgrading or reconfiguring that may be required in the future.”

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