SMA 'top hat' housing targets fibre optic Tx/Rx applications

22nd April 2015
Siobhan O'Gorman

OMC is re-introducing Tx/Rx pairs housed in the FDH1 SMA ‘top hat’ style housing to accommodate the larger diodes that are being specified by demanding applications, and also to withstand the harsh operating conditions that are commonly experienced by equipment used in military, industrial and other hi-rel sectors.

The FDH1 SMA package is not new, of course, but it has tended to be passed over by engineers looking to reduce equipment size. However, certain radar installations and industrial CNC machinery for example, require very powerful diodes that physically may not fit into smaller housing styles. The large, all-metal body of the FDH1 SMA housing is also suitable for withstanding shock and vibration, and is also able to dissipate heat very effectively, maintaining system performance.

William Heath, Commercial Director, OMC: “Far Eastern suppliers are not interested in this business, and we are one of the few remaining companies to have retained the expertise to manufacture fibre optic products such as these. Of course we can also deliver complete fibre-optic data links that perform consistently and reliably from link-to-link thanks to our proprietary ACA technology.”

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