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2nd April 2024
Harry Fowle

LASER COMPONENTS is proud to serve the FTIR spectroscopy market with its range of optical components, detectors, and light sources.

Its recently launched PR No.1 receiver module is a fast and compact pyroelectric detector for sensitive measurement in the visible to THz range.  Due to its extended bandwidth, it can be used at a repetition rate of up to 100KHz.

The thin detector element provides high responsivity sensing technology, with superior temperature stability and broader operating range to DLaTGS, and requiring no active cooling.

The module has been designed to make integration and operation as simple as possible. The robust housing contains an ultra-low noise amplification circuit.  The output signal can feed directly into an oscilloscope, DAQ or your own electronics.

The Pyroelectric Receiver No1 convinces as a universal workhorse for precise measurements - especially in the long-wave infrared (LWIR) and THz range where conventional semiconductor detectors with thermo-electric cooling reach their limits. The versatile component is available in an IR and a THz variant. Its 3 dB bandwidth is 8 kHz and its linearity over 4 decades is better than 1%. You can make corrections to your own measurement data using the included individual measurement protocol.

Pyroelectric detectors are inherently spectrally flat and thus detect wavelengths in MIR and NIR, visible light, and even shorter wavelengths.

The Pyroelectric Receiver No1 is a key component towards a "democratic" FTIR and for QC laser-based application development above 10 µm.

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