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OMC is one of the longest established specialist manufacturers of optoelectronics in Europe.

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14th February 2020
Fibre optic emitter offers long-term reliability

A hermetically-sealed 850nm fibre optic transmitter diode which delivers a high intensity output for coupling into multimode fibres even in challenging environments was unveiled by OMC at the Southern Electronics exhibition this week.

12th February 2020
Transmitter diode for industrial fibre optic systems

From OMC the FDE2850 series fibre optic transmitter (Tx) diode is optimised for use with 200µm glass fibre optic systems and delivers high power at fast speeds for demanding applications, such as those found in mass transport, petrochemical, industrial datacomms and high-voltage energy infrastructure applications.

11th February 2020
Hermetically-sealed, fibre optic transmitter introduced

OMC is exhibiting on stand J100 at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics and will be showcasing a number of new products for the first time. OMC’s product range of fibre optic transmitters, backlighting and LED components can be used across multiple markets.

27th November 2019
Beam angle LEDs focus light precisely

OMC has introduced two new surface-mount LEDs, an ultra-narrow 15° beam LED and a 60° beam LED. Both new LEDs are produced by OMC in a range of package styles, beam angles and all popular LED wavelengths, plus infra-red versions. The two new devices join the SMD emitter series launched by OMC in late 2018, which includes a 30° output beam device that has proved very popular. 

18th October 2019
Fibre optic emitter increases data distances, saves energy

A fibre optic emitter designated the FDE854LBF, which incorporates next-generation infra-red die technology and integral micro-optics to achieve high levels of coupled power into all standard fibre-optic core sizes was unveiled by OMC at the Electronics Design Show.

18th October 2019
Mouldshare innovation cuts backlight set-up costs

A moulded backlight series which will be a boon to companies looking to reduce set-up costs was unveiled by OMC at the Electronics Design Show. Dubbed Mouldshare by OMC, the backlights are manufactured using innovative sliding-gate injection moulding techniques.

29th October 2018
New 30° Beam Angle SMD LEDs For High-Intensity Applications

OMC new range of narrow angle, surface-mount LEDs in a variety of package styles and all popular LED wavelengths. The new SMD emitter series features integrated lenses moulded into the package which provides a 30 degree output beam. Applications for visible wavelengths include signalling and indication, in which the beam needs to be visible over greater distances, while the company’s infrared wavelength versions are used for sensing and dat...

12th July 2018
Reliable Keyed SMA fibre optic connector system available

It has been announced by OMC, that its Keyed SMA (KSMA) fibre optic system launched last October is now available in all of its standard SMA diode housings. The KSMA connector and diode receptacle system for OMC’s fibre optic transmitters and receivers delivers the rotational consistency of a keyed connector combined with the security and reliability of the SMA connector.

10th July 2018
New high brightness LED bringing greater flexibility

It has been announced that OMC has launched a new high brightness purple surface mount LED lamp featuring the company’s proprietary Active Diffuser Technology, which produces a far richer and more efficient output than traditional single wavelength devices. 

6th November 2017
Keyed fibre optic system eliminates rotational variation

Specialist optoelectronics manufacturer, OMC, has launched a new, Keyed SMA (KSMA) connector and diode receptacle system for its range of fibre optic transmitters and receivers which offers the rotational consistency of a keyed connector alongside the security and reliability for which the SMA connector is renowned. The KSMA fibre optic connector system combines a new connector and diode housing design.

20th October 2017
PCB-mounting SMA housings save 25% board space

Two high density PCB-mounting SMA (H22) style housings for its wide range of fibre optic transmitters and receivers were unveiled at EDS in Coventry by OMC. The housings save board space and ensure long-term performance. Two space-saving housing styles have been released.

8th May 2017
Company expands into new optoelectronics manufacturing facility

Reflecting an increase in demand for both its bespoke and off-the-shelf optoelectronic solutions, OMC has completed its move into a new, purpose-built manufacturing facility. The company has seen significant growth in two areas, customer-specific LED backlighting for LCD displays, and fibre optic cable assemblies, transmitters and receivers for use in industrial applications. The move into a new facility will, they say, enable the company to...

Events News
24th October 2016
Compact LED emitters to be launched at the EDS show

A series of compact LED emitters measuring just a fraction of a millimetre across is being launched at the Electronic Design Show next week by OMC.

19th October 2016
Next-gen LED backlight colours with ART

OMC announces it has developed a new technology that enables a whole rainbow of new LED backlight colours to be produced, including magentas and blue-greens. Previously the only way to achieve non-standard LED colours was to use RGB colour mixing, which involves three times as many chips, complex wiring and requires drive circuitry to control the relative channel levels.

22nd September 2016
Range of mini LED emitters introduced at Engineering Design Show

A range of surface-mounting, high-power, ultra-violet and infra-red LED emitters will be introduced by OMC at the Engineering Design Show at the Ricoh Arena in Coventry from 19th to 20th October 2016. These devices have compact form factors and have a wide range of possible applications, including in data communications, sensing and curing.

4th February 2016
Backlights now feature sunlight-visibility layer

OMC have announced that its ProfiLED coloured LED backlights are available with a proprietary active backing layer that enables them to be viewed in much brighter ambient lighting conditions. This is especially relevant for makers of portable instrumentation which is used outdoors.

24th October 2015
Fibre optic assemblies split or combine light signals

A range of ‘Spider’ fibre optic cable assemblies which can both split an optical signal from a single source into several outputs as well as combine multiple inputs onto a single output fibre has been introduced by OMC. This can be useful for sensor applications and precise triggering, among other applications.

21st October 2015
Fibre optics enable light signals to be split or combined

  Suited for sensor applications and precise triggering, OMC offers a range of ‘Spider’ fibre optic cable assemblies which can split an optical signal from a single source into several outputs as well as combine multiple inputs onto a single output fibre.

22nd April 2015
SMA 'top hat' housing targets fibre optic Tx/Rx applications

OMC is re-introducing Tx/Rx pairs housed in the FDH1 SMA ‘top hat’ style housing to accommodate the larger diodes that are being specified by demanding applications, and also to withstand the harsh operating conditions that are commonly experienced by equipment used in military, industrial and other hi-rel sectors.

20th March 2015
Tx/Rx pair can be used with glass & polymer fibre

A flexible fibre optic Tx/Rx pair, which enables systems designers to develop links using polymer fibre, has been released by OMC. If the distances involved extend beyond the range of polymer, the H19 connector system can be used with glass fibre. This upgrade is easy, requiring minimal changes and using the same diodes. 

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