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7th November 2022
Plenty of new products from Ohmite on show

With their eyes fixed firmly on the future, Ohmite and Arcol have chosen to prioritise market sectors for this electronica and will subsequently be showing a host of new products designed for applications in the energy, medical and transport industries among other established markets where their products are already well known.

8th November 2018
Ceramic resistor division launched at electronica

  Two years ago at electronica, Ohmite launched their first ceramic heatsink and a prototype resistor using the same material, this year they will have a complete range to talk to customers about following this week’s acquisition of the electronic components business of Kanthal, a part of Sandvik Group. 

Events News
1st November 2018
From ceramics to plastics: Ohmite and Arcol at electronica 2018

  Having launched a new product almost every month since the last electronica, there will be plenty to see on the Ohmite/Arcol stand (Hall B6-101). Development by both companies has resulted in products designed for engineers by engineers. 

8th February 2017
Non-conductive ceramic heatsink doesn't require holes

Based on its aluminum RA-T2X-38E heatsink, Ohmite has produced its first Ceramic heatsink. The WC-T2X-38E is the first of several models planned for 2017 and is made from high purity ceramic which is gaining popularity with engineers as the solution to many thermal management requirements.

13th May 2015
Resistors offer up to 10TΩ with 0.25% tolerances

  Offering resistance values up to 10TΩ, Ohmite’s Ultramox series supports their popular Slim Mox resistor family and allows for tighter tolerances than previously available, down to 0.25%, and TCR’s as low as 25ppm. Offered in four standard sizes, the series is rated from 10 to 30kV and from 1 to 3W.

7th April 2015
Ohmite acquires Arcol

Ohmite Manufacturing has achieved true global manufacturing status, following the acquisition of Arcol in the UK by parent company Heico. Arcol and Ohmite, on behalf of Heico, will manage Arcol's operations going forward.

Events News
16th October 2014
Ohmite showcase the new alongside the old

As the company celebrates its 90th year, the Ohmite stand will feature a blend of the old and the very new. There will be innovative heatsink designs, high energy ceramic composition resistors and surface mount current sense resistors, alongside stamps, coins, porcelain, pottery, books, a clock and a Harrods silver plated coffee pot (all from 1925).

10th September 2014
Current sense resistor offers very low & stable TCR

Expanding the company's popular FCSL range of SMD current sense resistors, Ohmite has announced a 10W version featuring very low and stable TCR of ±100ppm/°C. Operating over a temperature range from -55 to +155°C, the FCSL150 is supplied in a 7.5x15x1.1mm 5929 package designed for automatic insertion.

9th April 2014
400J resistor withstands high energy impulse events

  Providing a 400J energy rating with average power of just 2.5W, the EY Series of high energy ceramic composition resistors has been announced by Ohmite. The company has claimed that no other resistor on the market handles energy spikes of this magnitude in such a small package.

11th February 2014
Heatsinks provide modular cooling options

Following the launch of their C40 heatsink designed to accommodate a 40mm fan, Ohmite have received numerous requests from designers to provide a larger option for mounting up to six TO-247 and/or TO-264 devices, plus larger components. The B60/C60 heatsink does this, but it also goes one step further.

17th January 2014
Current sense resistor handles currents up to 45A

Available in a 1206 package with a small footprint of just 3.2x1.6mm, the FC4L32 surface mount current sense resistor has been announced by Ohmite. The smallest device in the company's expanding FC4L family, the resistor features a 1W power rating and can handle currents of up to 45A.

12th September 2013
Ohmite Manufacturing Announces MC4 Series

Ohmite Manufacturing announces the new MC4 Series a multi-configuration single surface mount DIP package with four high voltage (2500 VDC) resistors.

11th September 2013
SMD 4-Up DIP resistor package offers wealth of possibilities

Ohmite’s new MC4 Series offers four high voltage - 2500 VDC - resistors in a single surface mount 7575 DIP package as a standard part, but, if required, customers may select any combination of resistor values and tolerances using a new part numbering scheme. Once customers have defined their specific needs, Ohmite will assign a unique part number to their product for future use by customers or distributors alike.

17th July 2013
Ohmite unveil high performance low cost non-inductive high voltage Resistors

Ohmite has today announced the release of a new series of epoxy coated high voltage axial leaded resistors. The new Maxi Mox Series resistors use an epoxy, rather than silicon coating in order to reduce the costs and decrease lead times of this popular component.

28th June 2013
Ohmite C40 Heatsink System Provides Modular Cooling Options

Ohmite have announced the introduction of a new Heatsink System. The C40 Heatsink System provides designers with a variety of cooling options for up to four TO-247 and/or TO-264 devices which now includes the addition of fans for forced air cooling. The 58mm long heatsinks can be used individually or in pairs.

5th April 2013
Ohmite Manufacturing Announces RW Series of High Power SMD Wirewound Resistors

Ohmite Manufacturing announces the new 5W and 7W surface mount wirewound resistors for high power density applications. The new RW5 and RW7 Series SMD wirewound resistors feature a ‘finned’ body style in order to maximize surface area, and therefore cooling capacity, without taking up excessive PCB space.

18th March 2013
New Ohmite High Energy Resistors deal with Power Surges

A new range of high energy resistors from Ohmite combine the benefits of non-inductive performance and high power density. Resistant to power surges such as lightning strikes, the first in the series, the TP810, would commonly be used to buffer the energy required to switch on and turn off components like large compressors and motors or spikes caused by faulty wiring or problems with the utility such as downed power lines.

23rd January 2013
Ohmite Announce 5W SMD Wirewound Resistor

By using very simple idea from their heatsink designs, Ohmite has developed an SMD wirewound resistor which meets a 5W plus power rating, providing a solution to a problem which has dogged resistor manufacturers for years.

21st January 2013
Ohmite Miniature Heatsinks Launched From Success

Having achieved success in the medical equipment market with custom made parts which have applications in personal fibre optic theatre lighting used by surgeons, Ohmite have introduced two new miniature heatsink parts, the SV-LED-314E (14mm height) and the SV-LED-325E (25mm height) to address other opportunities where component size is a major consideration.

18th January 2013
Ohmite Expands D Series SMD Heat Sinks With Two New Extrusion Forms

Ohmite has today revealed the expansion its D Series of surface mount device heat sinks with two new extrusion forms. Designed to better facilitate pick-and-place equipment, these new forms provide increased options and flexibility.

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