Current sense resistor offers very low & stable TCR

10th September 2014
Nat Bowers

Expanding the company's popular FCSL range of SMD current sense resistors, Ohmite has announced a 10W version featuring very low and stable TCR of ±100ppm/°C. Operating over a temperature range from -55 to +155°C, the FCSL150 is supplied in a 7.5x15x1.1mm 5929 package designed for automatic insertion.

Incorporating proven metal foil technology, the FCSL150 has high heat resistance and low heat electromotive use. The surface mount current sense resistors feature standard 1% tolerance at values of 3mΩ or higher, 2% at 2mΩ and 5% at 1mΩ.

The extended FCSL range now provides resistance values down to 1mΩ available from stock, with five other popular values up to 5mΩ.

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