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11th March 2024
NewTek white paper on AC/DC LVDT sensor selection

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers a white paper on the Attributes and Benefits of AC- and DC-operated LVDT position sensors that compares the differences in technology, properties, and ideal applications for each type of sensor.

Component Management
23rd January 2024
LVDT Signal Conditioner configures in just minutes

NewTek's smart NTC-6000 Signal Conditioner takes out the complexity of setting up a signal processing system while protecting against operating failures and cybersecurity hacks.

21st December 2023
NewTek LVDTs provide critical measurements for steam turbines on valve position

Hermetically-sealed linear position sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions tolerate the high temperatures and vibrations of steam turbines to deliver accurate and reliable position feedback on the position of governor and throttle valves. 

20th November 2023
NewTek’s sensors enhanced for high-temp tolerance

NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces several Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) designed to endure extended temperatures up to 204oC (400°F), catering to applications susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

17th October 2023
NewTek hermetically-sealed 4-20mA sensors

NewTek Sensor Solutions hermetically-sealed 4-20mA sensors accept long cables for process control and factory automation applications when standard lengths cannot reach distant control rooms, signal conditioners, PLCs and/or data loggers.

15th September 2023
Air extend/spring retract gage head sensors

NewTek GAR Series Spring-loaded Gage Heads are used in automated dimensional gaging applications as part of inline inspection processes when it is ideal for the sensor probe to move out of the way between readings.

22nd August 2023
ETL-rated hazardous location position sensors

Major chemical companies are using hazardous location position sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions to monitor the state of different valves throughout their plants as part of process safety and efficiency management.

28th July 2023
NewTek custom position sensor detects part errors in automotive resistance welding machines

NewTek Sensor Solutions has designed a custom LVDT position sensor for resistance spot welding machines used in automotive plants to detect missing or misaligned parts in nut and stud welding. Cars contain hundreds of welded nuts and studs that hold them together. 

27th June 2023
NewTek AC-LVDTs: reliable alternatives to magnetostrictive sensors

NewTek AC-operated LVDT Position Sensors often serve as a more reliable, precise, and cost-effective alternative to magnetostrictive linear position sensors in the monitoring and control of valves in power generation and hydroelectrical stations.

Test & Measurement
21st April 2023
NewTek spring-loaded position sensors

NewTek spring-loaded LVDTs provide precise dimensional measurements of volume moulded automotive parts in plastic mould testing.

21st March 2023
NewTek tailors LVDT position sensors for energy sector

The energy sector uses NewTek LVDT Position Sensors as metrology tools in ensuring the proper operation of different power systems. 

24th February 2023
NewTek medical sensors stand up to frequent autoclave cycles

Embedded within medical devices, NewTek linear position sensors play a critical role in the safe and accurate performance of healthcare equipment used in patient care.

4th January 2023
Quik-Cal LVDT signal conditioner sets a new standard

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers advanced and user-friendly signal conditioner that pairs with AC-operated linear and rotary position sensors to deliver reliable feedback in DC voltage, current and digital outputs for use in factory automation, materials testing, packaging, and dimensional gaging applications.

22nd November 2022
Hermetically sealed position sensors offer consistent performance with less power

NewTek Sensor Solutions offers its hermetically sealed position sensors with a 4-20mA current loop output that has become the data transmission standard in the process control industry.

16th February 2022
LVDT position sensors measure minute movements

Power plants have very precise control schemes for valve position for maximised operating efficiency.

21st January 2022
NewTek customises high-temp displacement sensor for extreme environments

NewTek offers a customised version of its High Temperature LVDT Position Sensor for material testing in environments with extreme pressures and high/low cryogenic temperatures.

29th October 2021
Right-angle LVDTs work in environments with contaminants & tight spaces

Newtek offers right-angle versions of its LVDT position sensors that provide highly accurate linear displacement feedback in dirty environments containing sawdust, dirt, and grease that can contaminate conventional linear position sensors.

23rd August 2021
NewTek announce NC2 Studio I/O module

NewTek have announced the NewTek NC2 Studio input/output module, delivering connectivity solutions for media production professionals and broadcasters alike.

22nd July 2021
LVDT Position Sensors surviving in extreme temperatures

The HT-1000 LVDT Position Sensor from NewTek Sensor Solutions operates in environments with extreme temperatures such as those found in power plants, test laboratories, engine control systems, stream turbines, gas turbines, furnaces, and even nuclear reactors.

23rd April 2021
High-temperature LVDTs serve as reliable retrofits

The High-Temperature HATR-750 Series of LVDT Position Sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions offers a reliable and long-term solution to sensors that fail when operating in environments with unanticipated temperature spikes. For example, steam valves in power generation plants can have undetected leaks when moving, causing periodic rises in temperatures beyond original operating specifications. 

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