NewTek’s sensors enhanced for high-temp tolerance

20th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

NewTek Sensor Solutions introduces several Linear Variable Differential Transformers (LVDTs) designed to endure extended temperatures up to 204oC (400°F), catering to applications susceptible to temperature fluctuations.

These high-temperature, alternating current (AC)-operated position transducers provide dependable position measurement in environments where standard-temperature sensors may fail due to insulation deterioration or intermittent connections.

Challenges in high-temperature environments

Standard-temperature position sensors, commonly used on steam valves, may unexpectedly malfunction due to temperature spikes from steam leaks, hot gas outbursts, or exposure to open furnace doors. Replacing these with NewTek's high-temperature LVDTs can prevent failures, avoid inaccurate readings, and reduce downtime associated with maintenance.

Various industries opt for these high-temperature LVDTs for displacement measurement as a safeguard against unexpected temperature surges, which are frequent in industrial settings.

Benefits of LVDTs in varied temperatures

Compared to other position sensing technologies like potentiometers and magnetostrictive sensors, high-temperature AC-LVDTs from NewTek offer increased temperature flexibility. Potentiometers, which rely on mechanical contact for position feedback, are prone to wear and heat effects, leading to noise and reduced reliability. Magnetostrictive sensors, limited by temperature due to on-board electronics, also fall short in high-temperature applications.

Reliability of NewTek's high-temperature LVDTs

NewTek's high-temperature LVDT position sensors, free from internal electronics and using non-contacting technology, are reliable at 204oC (400°F) and can endure even higher temperatures for brief periods. They are constructed with materials rated for the specified temperature range, including wires, bobbin materials, epoxies, and adhesives, ensuring durability and long-term performance.

Range and customisation options

Available in measurement ranges from ±0.025 inches to ±10.0”, NewTek's high-temperature LVDTs come in various mechanical packaging options.

Customisations are available to meet specific application requirements, providing a versatile solution for industries facing high-temperature challenges.

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