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12th March 2021
NTC-6000 signal conditioner communications for AC-LVDTs

The NewTek NTC-6000 Qwik-Cal LVDT Signal Conditioner completes the measurement system for AC-operated LVDTs by providing the excitation and digital output required by many of today’s laboratory, industrial automation, and process control applications. 

21st January 2021
Contactless rotary position sensors for T&M applications

NewTek Sensor Solutions has announced that it now offers the RV series of rotary position sensors that measure and provide feedback on the rotary displacement of rotating elements in industrial benchtop and test and measurement applications. 

10th November 2020
Submersible linear position sensors for long-term operation

As offshore drilling goes into deeper depths, NewTek Sensor Solutions offers custom designs of Submersible Linear Position Sensors that offer high reliability and long-term operation in corrosive and high-pressure subsea environments.

7th August 2020
Addressing requirements for custom LVDT Position sensors

As many industries continue to experience supply chain challenges, NewTek Sensor Solution has announced that it is addressing more requests for custom LVDT Position sensors in short timelines in meeting demanding position measurement requirements for applications in a range of industries including oil/gas, packaging, manufacturing and power generation.

27th April 2020
Mini 4K multicamera to reach audiences from anywhere

NewTek has announced the latest version of the TriCaster Mini 4K multicamera. A complete, compact live multicamera video production system, the newly enhanced TriCaster Mini 4K has added features like Live Story Creator and LivePanel designed to make the production of network-quality shows even easier for lone producers or small teams whether they are novice beginners or seasoned video professionals.

3rd April 2020
Accessible UHD PTZ camera transmits full 4k video

NewTek has announced the PTZUHD, a pan-tilt-zoom camera (PTZ camera) that transmits full 4K p60 video directly to NDI-compatible receiving devices across a standard network. The NewTek PTZUHD camera allows content creators to capture and deliver superior quality UHD video with native support for resolutions up to 2160p 60 using a 30X optical zoom lens, and a high-quality Sony CMOS sensor.

20th January 2020
Online 3-model library of LVDT position sensors for easier selection

NewTek Sensor Solutions now offers an online 3-D model library of its LVDT Position Sensors to ensure their proper fit and seamless integration into a new or existing application. Offered in .stp (STEP) and .igs (IGES) formats for near universal acceptance in CAD programs, the 3-D models help OEMS and end-users visualise space requirements for position sensors to optimise layouts for different sensing systems.

20th January 2020
Position sensors offer accurate feedback for valve position

NewTek LVDTs aim to provide accurate position feedback in the monitoring and control of valves in many applications such as chemical plants, power plants on steam and gas turbines, hydroelectric stations and even agricultural equipment. The LVDT converts the linear position of a valve to a proportional electrical output readable by monitors and control systems. 

13th December 2019
Position sensor offers continuous operating temperature rating

New Tek Sensor Solutions has introduced the HT-1000 LVDT Position Sensor that offers a 1,000°F (538°C) continuous operating temperature rating and resistance to high radiation levels of 100Mrad. The HT-1000 Position Sensor meets the demands of specialty materials testing in autoclaves to determine dimensional stability and long term behaviour by measuring expansion, contraction and strain rates.

14th August 2019
Sensors ensure long term performance in remote locations

The infinite mechanical life and long term reliability offered by NewTek LVDT Linear Position Sensors make them suitable for use in remote, hard-to-reach and difficult locations where sensor replacement would result in high costs and down-time. For example, shutting down a turbine to replace a sensor near steam turbines and valves where temperatures reach 400° results would be a huge undertaking both in costs and labour.

19th July 2019
Spring-loaded LVDTs ensure automotive part quality

NewTek Spring-Loaded LVDTs ensure tight tolerances of automotive parts and sub-components in automated production lines. Serving as part of the quality control process, the Spring-Loaded Gage Heads measure the tolerance of specific points of a part when placed in a test stand after leaving the casting or machining area of a production line.

14th June 2019
Radiation resistant sensors for applications with radiation exposure

NewTek has introduced a new line of Radiation Resistant LVDTs that provide critical position measurements in autoclaves, particle accelerators, nuclear power plants, submarines, spacecraft and other applications with radiation exposure. Constructed of radiation-tolerant and hardened materials, these AC-operated linear position sensors operate continuously in demanding radiation environments without failure or decay.

14th May 2019
LVDT signal conditioner to provide DC output

It has been announced that the NTC-6000 LVDT Signal Conditioner from NewTek Sensor Solutions pairs with nearly any AC-operated LVDT, RVDT or LVRT half bridge to deliver reliable position feedback in four to 20mA, zero to five volts, zero to ten volts, or RS-485 formats for process control systems requiring digital output. 

17th April 2019
LVDTs offer feedback for monitoring flight parameters of UAVs

Unmanned drones require a variety of sensors to monitor different critical measurements to control flight and maintain aircraft stability. Miniature Linear Position Sensors from NewTek Sensor Solutions provide reliable position feedback for monitoring the fin/rudder position and rotor angle of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) with quick response times so UAVs can make adjustments to accurately control flight.

28th March 2019
Spring-loaded LVDT product lines with 4-20mA output capability

It has been announced that NewTek Sensor Solutions has expanded the capabilities of its DC LVDT technology with four to 20mA output capabilities to meet the needs of industrial monitoring and feedback applications. In addition to offering four to 20mA versions of its free-core and spring-loaded LVDTs, the company customises four to 20mA position sensors to customer specifications.

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