NewTek tailors LVDT position sensors for energy sector

21st March 2023
Kiera Sowery

The energy sector uses NewTek LVDT Position Sensors as metrology tools in ensuring the proper operation of different power systems. 

For example, position sensors monitor gas turbine servo controls, fuel valve position, and micro fuel valve openings in the operation of gas turbines.

To reliably perform in these critical applications, NewTek often customises its LVDT displacement sensors to meet customer’s sometimes non-standard operating parameters. By tailoring sensors to operate within specific specifications, customers do not need to conduct expensive design reviews of standard position sensors or worry about meeting safety regulations and codes.

To conform an LVDT to meet the needs of a critical application, NewTek can expand temperature ranges, tighten impedance specifications, and use different sealing methods and housing materials such as Inconel, Hastelloy, and Titanium.  

For applications with high shock and vibration levels, NewTek can vacuum varnish and epoxy encapsulate an LVDT position sensor.  For environments with extreme temperature ranges such as those in engine control systems, NewTek can construct its displacement sensors with ceramics and special core materials to meet temperature requirements up to 1000°F (538°C).

“NewTek can meet or exceed customer specifications and keep our LVDTs well within the customer’s margin of safety or error to meet safety regulations and their own performance requirements in the energy sector,” explained Mike Marciante.

“We can make small modifications such as changing a connector to full developments including long-stroke LVDTs and units with double or triple redundancy.”

Utilising the latest manufacturing techniques and high-tech electronics, NewTek can customise its LVDT Position Sensors to meet nearly any challenge.  All are USA-manufactured, which alleviates logistic delays in product deliveries.

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