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International Rectifier Corporation  (IR®) is a world leader in power management technology. Leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defense systems rely on IR’s power management benchmarks to power their next-generation products.

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15th December 2014
MOSFET suits 12V DC/DC synchronous buck applications

Housed in a high performance 4x5 PQFN power block package, the IRFH4257D FastIRFET dual power MOSFET has been announced by International Rectifier. This package expands the power block family’s ability to lower power for compact designs in 12V input DC/DC synchronous buck applications including advanced telecomms and netcomms equipment, servers, graphic cards, desktop, ultrabook and notebook computers.

8th December 2014
600V IGBTs are optimised for EV & HEV applications

Optimised for small auxiliary motor drive applications including air conditioning compressors for EV and HEVs, the AUIRGP66524D0 and AUIRGF66524D0 automotive-qualified 600V IGBTs have been introduced by International Rectifier. The 24A devices feature a low VCE(ON) to reduce power dissipation and a maximum junction temperature of 175°C to achieve extremely high power density.

1st December 2014
MOSFETs' low RDS(on) reduces conduction losses

Designed for Li-ion battery protection applications, a broad portfolio of low-voltage MOSFETs has been released by International Rectifier. The MOSFETs, which are available as 20 and 30V devices in N-and P-Channel configurations, feature low RDS(on) to reduce conduction losses. Suitable for battery protection circuits with two cells in series, the devices are designed with a maximum gate drive of 12VGS.

27th November 2014
IC building blocks simplify system development

  International Rectifier has introduced the µHVIC family of general purpose high- and low-voltage ICs that simplifies power system development by offering easy-to-implement building blocks for frequently used circuit elements.  

12th November 2014
1200V IGBTs use trench gate field stop technology

IGBTs from International Rectifier use the company’s trench gate field stop technology. The Generation 8 (Gen8) 1200V IGBTs are delivered in industry standard TO-247 packages. The six devices are available with current ratings from 8A (IRG8P08N120KD) up to 60A (IRG8P60N120KD) with typical VCE(ON) of 1.7V and a short-circuit rating of 10µs.

7th November 2014
IGBT family targets solar inverters, SMPS & UPS

International Rectifier has introduced a comprehensive family of IGBT modules with a broad array of configurations and current ratings offering designers the flexibility to easily implement high power systems. The 72 modules are available with voltage ratings of 600 or 1200V and a variety of speeds and short circuit ratings to allow designers to optimise systems based on application requirements.

29th October 2014
75V MOSFETs offer ultra-low on-state resistance

Designed for demanding industrial applications, 75V versions of the StrongIRFET power MOSFET has been released by International Rectifier. For improved performance in low frequency applications, the devices feature ultra-low Rds(on). The MOSFETs are also provided with a very high-current carrying capability, a soft body diode and 3V typical threshold voltage to improve noise immunity.

Events News
24th October 2014
IR to demonstrate power management solutions at electronica

At electronica, from 11th to 14th November in Munich, International Rectifier will demonstrate its power management solutions in A5.320. Innovative energy saving technologies and products will be on display, including the latest motor control and automotive solutions and the GanPowIR GaN-based power device platform.

20th October 2014
650V IGBTs optimised for solar & UPS applications

Expanding its portfolio of IGBTs, International Rectifier has announced the IRGP47xx family of rugged, reliable 650V devices. Optimised for ultra-fast switching of 8-30KHz, the IGBTs are designed for applications including solar inverters, welding equipment, industrial motors, induction heating and UPS.

15th October 2014
Dual low-side driver IC suits SMPS in EVs & HEVs

Designed to drive large IGBT and MOSFET gates in modules or discrete packages, an automotive-qualified dual low-side driver IC has been introduced by International Rectifier. Extremely low output impedance minimises power losses, making the AUIRB24427S suitable for SMPS applications in EVs, HEVs and high power industrial converters.

14th October 2014
Ultra-fast Trench IGBTs are optimised for welding

Providing extremely low conduction and switching losses, International Rectifier's IR66xx series of IGBTs are optimised for welding applications. The high performance 600V ultra-fast Trench-gate IGBTs feature a soft recovery low Qrr diode and ultra-fast switching of 8-30KHz with 5µs short circuit rating.

9th October 2014
Automotive-qualified MOSFETs deliver 5.9mΩ RDS(on)

Based on the company’s most advanced COOLiRFET 40V trench technology, International Rectifier has announced two 40V automotive-qualified power MOSFETs. The AUIRFN8458 and AUIRFN8459 deliver benchmark on-state resistance (Rds(on)) for automotive applications such as pump motor control and automotive body control, which require high current performance from a compact device.

6th August 2014
Developing cost-effective DC/DC technology for 48V

European car manufacturers - and their OEM suppliers - are struggling to develop the most cost effective and efficient DC/DC converter to allow the renovated strategy of the 48V battery conversion gain space in the automotive market. Will this strategy succeed? By Davide Giacomini, Product Management & Application Director, International Rectifier.

1st July 2014
Converters meet design needs of satellite power systems

International Rectifier has introduced the D Series of low power radiation-tolerant two output DC-DC converters developed to meet the high reliability design needs of satellite power systems. The new D28xxD and D50xxxxP D Series of DC-DC converters offer extremely low output noise, guaranteed End-of-Life (EOL) output voltage drift with excellent output cross regulation. Each converter output is independently regulated with 5W maximum rated output...

25th June 2014
AEC-Q101 qualified power MOSFET reduces overall system cost

International Rectifier has introduced the automotive-qualified AUIRFN8403 COOLiRFET power MOSFET for automotive applications that require compact size and high current performance including pump motor control and automotive body control. Available in a compact PQFN 5x6mm package, the AUIRFN8403 utilises IR’s most advanced COOLiRFET 40V trench technology, delivering ultra-low 3.3mOhm on-state resistance (Rds(on)) and offering 95A high curre...

18th June 2014
IR announce integrated IRS29831 LEDrivIR control IC

International Rectifier has introduced the highly integrated IRS29831 LEDrivIR control IC optimised for single stage Flyback and Buck-Boost topologies used in LED drivers including LED bulb replacement, LED tube lighting and down lights. IRS29831-based LED driver circuits also offer smooth, flicker-free dimming with triac based dimmers. The device can also operate over a wide input voltage range.

17th June 2014
Low RDS(ON) MOSFETs for industrial applications

A family of Large Can DirectFET MOSFETs has been introduced by International Rectifier. The devices are suitable for industrial applications requiring ultra-low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) including high power DC motors, DC/AC inverters, and high current switching applications such as active ORing hot swap and eFuse.

27th May 2014
Integrated power modules offered in alternative DIP packaging

Surface mount devices are not the answer for every customer and International Rectifier recognised this issue and launched the µIPM-DIP family of highly integrated, compact Integrated Power Modules (IPM). The devices were originally launched, and are still available in a compact, surface mount package.

20th May 2014
IPMs shrink & simplify appliance motor drive design

Designed to shrink and simplify the development of appliance motor drive applications, International Rectifier has launched a Gen2 family of IRAM System-In-Package (SIP) IPMs. The IRAM SiP1A Gen2 modules are targeted at motor drive applications such as air conditioners, fans, compressors and washing machines.

9th May 2014
600V IGBTs are optimised for complete power range spectrum

A portfolio of energy-efficient, 600V IGBTs has been expanded by the manufacturer, International Rectifier. Available in a variety of packages, the IRxx46xx series of devices are optimised for a complete power range spectrum. This includes from small motors and loads to industrial applications such as UPS, solar, induction heating, industrial motor and welding applications.

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