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International Rectifier Corporation  (IR®) is a world leader in power management technology. Leading manufacturers of computers, energy efficient appliances, lighting, automobiles, satellites, aircraft and defense systems rely on IR’s power management benchmarks to power their next-generation products.

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29th April 2014
IR sets PCIM 2014 agenda

At PCIM Europe 2014, due to be held at the Nuremberg Exhibition Center, Nuremberg, Germany, International Rectifier will exhibit their latest  power management solutions. IR engineering and technical sales staff will demonstrate IR’s latest energy-saving and high power density enabling technologies and products at the IR booth, Hall 9, Stand 413.

22nd April 2014
MOSFET family expanded to include 60V devices

A family of MOSFET's has been expanded to include 60V devices, designed for a wide variety of industrial applications including power tools, LEV inverters, DC motor drives, Li-Ion battery pack protection, and SMPS secondary-side synchronous rectification. The StrongIRFET MOSFET devices from International Rectifier are available in through-hole and surface mount D2-PAK packages.

Mixed Signal/Analog
7th April 2014
Class D chipset for audio amplifier applications

International Rectifier has introduced an audio chipset optimised for high performance Class D audio amplifier applications. The Class D audio chipset is comprised of the IRS20965 digital audio driver IC with protected Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) switching and a full complement of audio MOSFETs.

31st March 2014
Low RDS(ON) MOSFETs for computing and communications

Expanding the company's family of StrongIRFET devices, International Rectifier has introduced 20-30V MOSFETs for applications including high performance computing and communications. The family is headlined by the IRL6283M 20V DirectFET featuring ultra-low on-state resistance (RDS(ON)) of just 500µOhm (typical).

24th March 2014
Robust current sensing IC improves system efficiency

Increasing overall system efficiency and saving space in high current applications, a robust general purpose current sensing IC has been introduced by International Rectifier. The IR25750 uses the Rds(on) of a power MOSFET or the VCE(on) of an IGBT to measure current, eliminating the need for large external current sensing resistors.

20th March 2014
Digital PWM controllers for next-gen computing platforms

Significantly improving efficiency and reducing board space and component count, International Rectifier has launched highly versatile, PMBus enabled, CHiL digital PWM controllers and integrated PowIRstage solutions. These are suitable for a variety of mid-range to high-end server, desktop and computing applications.

10th March 2014
MOSFET delivers 20% improvement in avalanche current density

Delivering benchmark performance for DC-DC power supplies used in telecom applications, the IRFH7185TRPbF is the latest 100V FastIRFET power MOSFET from International Rectifier. The IRFH7185TRPbF utilises the companies’ new 100V FastIRFET process to offer benchmark Rds(on)*Qg figure of merit to deliver higher efficiency and increased power density as well as enhanced system reliability.

28th February 2014
IGBT is optimised for soft switching applications

Optimised for soft switching applications including induction cooktops and microwave ovens, IR have introduced the IRG7PK35UD1PbF IGBT. The ultra-fast 1400V IGBT expands IR’s family of IGBTs for soft-switching applications to 1400V, extending the power range of induction heating systems.

26th February 2014
Wafer processing facility opens in Singapore

International Rectifier have announced that they have commenced initial production at its new state-of-the-art ultra-thin wafer processing facility in Singapore (IRSG).  

Tech Videos
7th February 2014
IR4312M class D audio amplifier from IR

Suitable for applications including docking stations, portable music instruments and power or active speakers, the IR4312M class D audio amplifier from International Rectifier integrates the power MOSFETs with the audio controller IC into a 7x7mm PQFN package.

31st January 2014
Control IC employs primary side regulation

  Employing primary side regulation that reduces component count and simplifies design, IR's IRS2983 control IC is designed for single stage Flyback and Buck-Boost topologies used in LED drivers and power supplies.

20th January 2014
DC/DC converters withstand high temperatures and shock

Particularly suitable for the high temperature and high shock environments found in applications such as oil drilling and mud turbine generators, the HTH27022S and HTM27092S are isolated hybrid hermetic DC/DC converters. International Rectifier's latest power offerings operate over a temperature range from -20 to +165°C and over an input voltage range of 190-400V.

10th December 2013
Packaging power for the next generation

The concept of hybrid and electric vehicles is far from new, but the challenges in the ascendance of the latest generation require new solutions. By Benjamin Jackson Senior Manager, Automotive Power Switch & Power Module, Product Management & Business Development, with International Rectifier.

9th December 2013
Gate drive IC for automotive and industrial applications

International Rectifier have today announced the release of a highly-compact and automotive-qualified gate drive IC, the AUIR08152S. Featuring high output current in excess of 10A, the new AUIR08152S gate drive IC shrinks system size and boosts performance in automotive and industrial high-power switching applications.

6th December 2013
Bond wireless building blocks provide a new approach to power modules

The Hybrid Electric Vehicle is bringing new challenges and opportunities for power semiconductor packaging, in particular those without bond wires. Here we discuss how using discrete bond wireless building blocks in the CooliR2DIE approach can be used to develop a complete module. By Ben Jackson, Senior Manager, Automotive Power Switch & Power Module Product Management & Business Development, for International Rectifier.

30th October 2013
IR's µIPM power modules offer 60% smaller footprint

IR have announced today that they have expanded their patent pending µIPM power modules with the introduction of the IRSM808-105MH and IRSM807-105MH. Offering up to a 60 percent smaller footprint than existing 3-phase motor control power ICs, the modules are optimized for high efficiency appliance and light industrial applications with motor power up to 300W.

24th October 2013
Shrink and simplify appliance motor drive design

International Rectifier have today introduced an intelligent power module featuring Power Factor Correction and inverter stage. The new IRAM630-1562F IPM shrinks and simplifies design of energy-efficient appliance and light industrial motor drive applications including air conditioners and washing machines.

18th October 2013
MOSFET allows superior power density in compact footprint

Ideal for heavy load automotive applications including electric power steering, braking systems and pumps, the new AUIRF8736M2 DirectFET2 power MOSFET from IR enables superior power density in a compact footprint.

8th October 2013
Integrated voltage regulator shrinks PCB size by 60%

International Rectifier has today introduced the IR3846 35A Point-of-Load integrated voltage regulator for space constrained enterprise power applications including servers, storage and netcom and telecom equipment that require high power density. The IR3846 offers industry leading efficiency greater than 97% peak, and 95% at 35A with the capability to operate directly from 12V at high switching frequency without the need for a heatsink or fan.

24th September 2013
25V MOSFETs for DC-DC synchronous buck applications

International Rectifier has introduced the 25V FastIRFET family of innovative power MOSFETs for DC-DC synchronous buck applications including advanced telecom and netcom equipment, servers, graphic cards, desktop, ultrabook and notebook computers. The FastIRFET family features IR’s latest generation silicon in an industry standard PQFN package that delivers benchmark power density for discrete DC-DC converters.

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