DC/DC converters withstand high temperatures and shock

20th January 2014
Nat Bowers

Particularly suitable for the high temperature and high shock environments found in applications such as oil drilling and mud turbine generators, the HTH27022S and HTM27092S are isolated hybrid hermetic DC/DC converters. International Rectifier's latest power offerings operate over a temperature range from -20 to +165°C and over an input voltage range of 190-400V.

With transient operating temperatures up to 175º, the HTH27022S and HTM27092S commercial off-the-shelf converters provide greatly reduced design cycle time, reduced size and reduced design costs in high temperature applications. The DC/DC converters feature internal EMI filter, magnetically coupled current feedback, under-voltage lockout, output over-voltage limiter, external inhibit and short circuit and overload protection.

The HTH27022S features a single output voltage of 22V, single output current of 2.5A, a total output power of 55W and typical efficiency of 84%. The converter is supplied in an HTH package measuring 3.5x2.15x0.4” and weighing just 70g. With typical efficiency of 85%, the HTM27092S offers a single output voltage of 92V, single output current of 1.0A, a total output power of 92W. This DC/DC converter is supplied in a slightly larger HTM package which measures 4.0x2.15x0.4" and weighs 80g. The nominal switching frequency is 520kHz for both DC/DC converters.

The two converters utilise an enhanced forward topology with two power switches and resonant reset. The magnetically coupled feedback ensures electrical isolation and tight output regulation, while voltage feed-forward withduty factor limiting provides high line rejection and protection against output over voltage due to certain component failures in the internal control loop. This mechanism limits the maximum output voltage to approximately 20% over the nominal regardless of the line voltage with an output load that is greater than 25% of the full rated output power.

Samples and production orders are available immediately, with prices for fully screened parts starting from $2,500 (USD) each in 100-unit quantities.

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