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1st March 2024
Henkel innovates end-use printed electronics at LOPEC 2024

During the upcoming LOPEC trade show on 6–7 March 2024 in Munich, Henkel will display its functional material innovations for printed electronics solutions for various industry applications.

News & Analysis
23rd February 2024
Henkel strengthens distributor partnership with Alstom Rail on-site training

Henkel has strengthened its distributor partnership with Alstom Rail for its on-site training.

6th February 2024
Henkel releases Loctite Stycast CC 8555 conformal coating

Henkel has announced the commercialisation of Loctite Stycast CC 8555, a conformal coating designed to protect electronics in extreme environments.

15th November 2023
Henkel materials enable reliable performance, longer lifetimes

Alternative energy continues to grow steadily worldwide. Analysts anticipate that solar system installations might see an increase of more than 50% this year, potentially reaching over 350GW by the end of 2023.

27th July 2023
Henkel launches LOCTITE Xplore

The LOCTITE Xplore e-learning platform brings together over 65 years of combined product, industry, application, and engineering expertise.

News & Analysis
29th June 2023
Henkel launches LOCTITE Xplore

The LOCTITE Xplore e-learning platform brings together over 65 years of combined product, industry, application, and engineering expertise.

25th April 2023
Henkel claim comprehensive approach for assembly solutions

Successful assembly tasks rely on several key aspects: the equipment, automation expertise the knowledge about adhesives and their application as well as on available professional support.

7th April 2023
Henkel solutions for cost savings and improved quality

Adhesives and sealants specialist Henkel is extending its support to manufacturers and MRO teams through a comprehensive range of survey and training services, with the aim of helping them reduce costs and improve quality through the use of Henkel products, including the world-famous LOCTITE brand.

24th February 2023
IoT kit combines four printed electronics technologies

Henkel has launched a sensor experience kit tailor-made for IOT engineering across industries.

Events News
25th January 2023
Henkel highlights pad printing and antenna technologies at LOPEC 2023

During the upcoming LOPEC trade show on the 1st and 2nd of March in Munich Henkel will display its range of functional material innovations for printed electronics together with its broad ecosystem of partners.

Component Management
7th June 2021
Technomelt low pressure moulding encapsulation demands

Henkel’s low pressure moulding technology for encapsulating electrical and electronic components in its Technomelt polyamide adhesive moulding compounds is increasingly being adopted for medical, electronic components, power and industrial automation, HVAC and lighting applications.

Component Management
19th May 2021
Fast and highly durable plastics bonding

New plastics bonding technology is bringing significant benefits to the assembly of products requiring multi-material and multi-substrate bonds with stringent performance criteria. The technical complexity of the application can often constrain the manufacturer’s ability to boost productivity to meet increased product demand but a new, patented hybrid technology is allowing many to address these issues.

Component Management
3rd April 2020
Smart material solutions for printed electronics

The digital transformation poses a variety of challenges to all industries. One of them is surely the pressure to leverage the potential of new technologies to enhance performance. At the same time, emerging technologies make new approaches possible: printed electronics are evolving traditional electronics.

Events News
26th September 2019
Production loss solutions at Maintec

Preventing production loss is essential in the management of any modern factory and the reason why Henkel’s range of engineering adhesives, repair compounds and lubricants are increasingly in demand. Collectively they increase plant reliability and reduce operational costs.

3rd April 2019
Added-value eshop for adhesives, sealants and coatings

It has been announced that the new Henkel eShop is a platform for adhesives, sealants and coatings, which offers a comprehensive range of support features from product selection through to delivery and everything in between. The service is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Component Management
21st August 2017
General-purpose anaerobic thread sealant

Henkel’s LOCTITE 577 is a medium strength anaerobic adhesive for parallel/parallel and taper/parallel threads and fittings.  It is designed to lock and seal all metal pipes and fittings as well as other threaded assemblies, providing an instant, low pressure seal that will not creep, shrink or shred. Once fully cured LOCTITE 577 will provide a high pressure seal, resisting the burst pressure of the pipe in most instances.

Component Management
20th June 2017
Structural bonders create opportunities in maintenance and repair

The latest introduction from Henkel is another milestone for its LOCTITE brand. The company has developed a new range of Universal Structural Bonders whose many attributes have been achieved through new, patented hybrid technology. This innovative approach substantially extends the application scope of these adhesives which also afford improved health and safety benefits.

Component Management
29th March 2017
Henkel strengthens offer in hot dip galvanising market

Henkel’s portfolio of products for the hot dip galvanising (HDG) market now includes a number of new-to-the-UK surface solutions for many stages of the process, including acid/alkaline cleaning, pickling and pickling inhibitors, passivating or conversion coating prior to painting.

3D Printing
23rd November 2016
Developing alternative solutions for 3D Printing

3D Printing is a fast growing technology leveraged by designers across nearly all industries to help enable new designs and accelerate time to market. 3D printed parts are used for prototyping to validate fit and function. In some cases, the 3D printed assembly itself is part of the final assembled good, which is typically referred to as additive manufacturing.

22nd November 2016
Importance of thermal solutions resonates with attendees

With shrinking dimensions and increased function, the need for adaptable and effective thermal solutions to ensure electronics reliability is greater than ever before. This indisputable reality was at the fore during Henkel’s paper presentation during the recent IPC India Conference, which took place alongside Electronica/Productronica India 2016. In fact, the subject is so important that the paper, entitled “High Efficiency Liquid Ga...

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