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General-purpose anaerobic thread sealant

21st August 2017
Peter Smith

Henkel’s LOCTITE 577 is a medium strength anaerobic adhesive for parallel/parallel and taper/parallel threads and fittings.  It is designed to lock and seal all metal pipes and fittings as well as other threaded assemblies, providing an instant, low pressure seal that will not creep, shrink or shred. Once fully cured LOCTITE 577 will provide a high pressure seal, resisting the burst pressure of the pipe in most instances.

The latest generation of this product gives it higher strength on contaminated surfaces.  This means it will provide an effective seal even if time or circumstances do not allow pre-treatment of the substrate to remove all grease and grime. 

The thermal performance of LOCTITE 577 has also been improved.  This thread sealant is now suitable for operating temperatures of up to 180°C and it can also be used on passive metals without the need for an activator.  Both developments allow this product to be used for a greater number of applications, reducing the need for different variants.

Suitability for use on contaminated surfaces and on both active and inactive metals, are also the attributes of the newly formulated LOCTITE 518 gasket sealant. This medium strength adhesive is ideal for cast iron, steel and aluminium flanged mating surfaces.  It fills gaps up to 0.25mm and forms a flexible, chemical-resistant seal that will not tear or decay.

The overall performance of the LOCTITE 518 has also been enhanced to provide greater flexibility, adhesion and gap cure. Again, these benefits give this product wider scope of application, reducing inventory costs even further beyond the obvious savings made on the stock holding of cut gaskets.

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