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24th March 2023
Series 11 – Episode 9 – A time of evolution for biometrics

Paige West speaks with Michel Roig, Payment and Access President, Fingerprints about how the utilisation of biometrics is accelerating digital security and how connectivity and communication is gaining momentum in terms of a passwordless future.

27th February 2023
Fingerprints and Flywallet developing wearable biometric payment

Fingerprints and Flywallet, a biometric wearables technology startup, are collaborating to develop and launch biometric wearable products for the European market.

31st January 2023
Fingerprints sensor technology in new product generations for smart door access by ekey

Ekey has launched two new intelligent door access systems; ekey sLine and ekey xLine for residential homes and buildings. Both systems use fingerprint technology, integrating Fingerprints’ sensor FPC1020 to provide flexibility, security, and convenience for residents.

19th December 2022
Fingerprints launches a sensor for access control

To meet the evolving design needs of the growing market for biometric access control, Fingerprints has expanded its fingerprint authentication touch sensor portfolio for physical and logical access devices and applications.  

14th December 2022
Biometrics by Fingerprints in Nuki Keypad 2.0 for smart door locks

Nuki has launched a new accessory that ensures faster, more secure and convenient unlocking of smart doors.

1st December 2022
Fingerprints and SmartDisplayer collaborate on FIDO2 biometric card

Fingerprints and SmartDisplayer, a Taiwanese card manufacturer with expertise in complex card design, are strengthening their collaboration by bringing to market a biometric FIDO2 card, integrating Fingerprints´ FPC1323 sensor as well as its FPC-BEP software platform.

30th November 2022
Biometrics by Fingerprints in ProFIDO digital access card by Valmido

Valmido, a French startup offering a multi-app device to authenticate mobile and web services, has launched its first biometric access card, ProFIDO Bio.

8th September 2022
Contactless biometric payment cards promoted in Middle East

Global biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) and financial and banking solution provider, Technical Equipment & Supplies Company (Tesco), are collaborating to promote and support the adoption of contactless biometric payment cards in the Middle East.

7th June 2022
Unlocking secure access control with biometric access cards

In mid-May Fingerprints was jointly exhibiting alongside Freevolt Technologies at IFSEC 2022, in London, one of the leading security events in Europe. Attendees at the show learnt how the two companies are combining their innovative tech to develop S-Key, Freevolt’s flagship biometric access card. To learn more, Fingerprints’ Marketing Director, Maria Pihlström sat down with Gonzalo de Gisbert, Freevolt’s Head of Produ...

29th April 2022
Series 7 Episode 6 – Getting Biometrics Right

Henrik Nilsson, Product Manager at Fingerprints tells Charlotte Morgan about Fingerprints' biometrics technology and other areas of security and authentication.

25th April 2022
Shaping the future of payments

Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has shared that its technology will be used and be a part of at least two commercial biometric payment card launches in Morocco, announced by two of Morocco’s largest banks.

10th January 2022
Fingerprints’ T-shape 2 biometric module

Fingerprint Cards AB’s second-generation T-Shape sensor module and software platform for biometric payment cards have achieved compliance with Mastercard’s Fingerprint Sensor Evaluation Process.

29th September 2021
Enabling secure biometric authentication

Biometrics company Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has enabled biometric authentication to be executed entirely within Infineon’s Secure Element, making it cheaper and easier for card manufacturers to develop and roll out biometric payment cards at scale. While many industry experts believed this to be a milestone out of reach, this technological leap has been achieved while maintaining biometric performance and increasing security.

20th May 2021
Fingerprint cards for next-generation biometric payments

As a second step in their announced partnership, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has entered into a commercial agreement (MoU) with STMicroelectronics to bring the joint platform to market. The platform improves the efficiency of the key features a of biometric system-on-card, demonstrating simple user enrolment, very high end-to-end banking transactions and matching performances.

17th May 2021
Why biometric fingerprint sensors are here to stay

Around the world, we have fallen in love with our mobile devices. There are 10+ billion devices in circulation, we check them 58 times daily on average and 65% of Americans check their smartphones up to 160 times a day. We estimate that time spent unlocking using PINs and passwords equates to 41 minutes each week, or about four months of our lives. This is why biometrics is now firmly embedded within the mobile ...

26th November 2020
Curved side-mounted capacitive touch sensor for mobiles

Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) has announced the launch of a new, slim and curved capacitive touch sensor for biometric authentication. Following the success of the FPC1540 sensor, the uniquely curved FPC1542 sensor hopes to enable innovation in the latest borderless smartphone designs.

19th March 2020
Biometric access control software expanded

Biometrics company, Fingerprint Cards AB (Fingerprints) has announced the expansion of its Biometric Software Platform (FPC-BEP) for access control solutions. Fingerprints has tailored its successful payments software platform to support access control device makers, card manufacturers and system integrators in adding biometric authentication to their logical and physical access implementations.

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