NAMM 2024: Fingerprints, Benjilock & TKL debut biometric security for instrument cases

29th January 2024
Kristian McCann

At the NAMM Show 2024 in Anaheim, CA, an innovative collaboration in the music and security realms was unveiled as Fingerprints, BenjiLock, and their new licensee, TKL Products, introduced pioneering biometric security for instrument cases.

These cutting-edge cases incorporate BenjiLock's advanced fingerprint hybrid technology, using Fingerprints' BM-Lite FPC SafeTouch to provide a comprehensive biometric fingerprint solution. The integration of Fingerprints' biometrics is particularly significant for the next generation of BenjiLock's innovation, now featured in the latch design of TKL guitar cases.

TKL Cases, renowned for their high-quality instrument cases, has joined forces with BenjiLock and Fingerprints to bring a novel approach to protecting musical instruments through biometric security. "We recognise the value you place on your instrument, and we're committed to crafting a world-class case for it," stated Tom Dougherty, Founder and CEO of TKL, underlining his dedication to this innovative venture.

This collaboration between Fingerprints and BenjiLock paves the way for manufacturers like TKL Cases to leverage a powerful combination of technology, security, and craftsmanship. The inclusion of biometric security in instrument cases marks a new era of protection for musicians, offering safety for their instruments while maintaining ease of access.

Adam Philpott, CEO of Fingerprints, noted, "For musicians, their instrument is an extension of their identity. We're excited to collaborate with BenjiLock and TKL to introduce biometric security to the music industry, ensuring musicians' peace of mind with their instruments' safety. Our BM-Lite FPC SafeTouch is ideal for both prototyping and mass production."

Robbie Cabral, CEO of BenjiLock, added, "Together with our lead investor and partner, Kevin O’Leary, we have a special bond with the music industry. We're passionate about providing musicians with innovative solutions to protect their equipment through advanced biometric technology. Our partnership with Fingerprints allows licensees like TKL to rapidly integrate, prototype, and launch innovative products, with the NAMM show being the ideal venue to present this new innovation."

The TKL 'Safe & Sound' will feature joint branding with BenjiLock on its embedded latch, showcased prominently alongside the Fingerprint Sport Lock and the Travel Sentry TSA Accepted Biometric locks. This collaboration introduces a standalone accessory equipped with Fingerprints' state-of-the-art biometric sensors, suitable for musicians' bags, cases, and more. The range will be displayed at booth #6002 during this week's NAMM 2024 event in Anaheim, California.

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