Fingerprints chosen for biometrics-enabled e-scooter

2nd May 2024
Caitlin Gittins

Fingerprint Cards (Fingerprints) has teamed up with Lapa Electric, an electric mobility startup based in India, to create India's first biometric-enabled electric scooter (e-scooter), aiming to bringing greater security systems into scooters.

The adoption of e-scooters in India has surged in recent years, with this trend expected to persist. In 2023, the penetration rate of e-scooters in India stood at 13%, but projections indicate a growth to 75% by 2030.

Adam Philpott, CEO of Fingerprints commented: “Over the last 10 years, biometrics has become the preferred authentication method for consumers and businesses alike. From our phones, laptops, and payment cards to our homes and workplaces, biometrics is adding security while removing friction. As our lives, and our vehicles, become increasingly connected, we must enhance security processes and biometrics is a natural progression to underpin the future of mobility.”

By substituting conventional physical keys with biometric authentication, only authorised users can operate the e-scooter, significantly mitigating the risk of theft. Moreover, users can bid farewell to concerns about misplacing or having their keys stolen, as they themselves become the key.

Pavan Kumar at Lapa Electric added: “At Lapa Electric we are on the verge of bringing in a totally new engineering approach to E two wheelers like for example replacing heavy steel chassis with weddings and bolts and nuts with light and robust seamless monocoque carbon fibre chassis. Now we’re replacing physical keys with biometric smartness. The resulting scooter embodies premium and performance.”

One of Lapa Electric's primary challenges was to identify small sensors that could seamlessly integrate into its patented console and throttle system. This was addressed in the engineering collaboration between Fingerprints and Lapa. Lapa Electric's e-scooter will feature Fingerprints' established biometric sensor and algorithm. Presently undergoing vehicle road testing, the biometric-enabled e-scooters are set for a limited launch early next year.

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