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7th March 2011
New range of hinges and door furniture from FDB

FDB Panel Fittings have a specialist niche in the world of cabinets and enclosures so that a new introduction from them is most welcome – this time they are offering continuous piano hinges ranging from 0.7mm thick for light cabinet use with a range of types up to 5mm thick heavy duty hinges for blast proof doors. Special colours and designs are also available.

24th February 2011
IP65 stainless compression latches from FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings’ range of stainless steel handles, hinges, locks and swing handles are now joined by the IP65 7-078 compression latch and its sister variant 7-079 with depth adjustable shaft. This enables the cam position on the 7-079 to be re-set to accommodate varying door-to-frame depths. Both items are especially well suited to applications where vibration may be a significant problem or where an unusually wide compression range is requ...

8th February 2011
New shelf support system from FDB Panel Fittings

Newly launched by FDB Panel Fittings is a well thought out shelf support system with easily installed components in steel, aluminium, brass or stainless steel - to suit cabinets in steel or wood/organic base materials.

20th December 2010
New electronic latch from FDB integrates with access systems

Designed specifically to meet the requirements of system specifiers, the standard slam lock module can be integrated into any existing access control system which provides a 12V feed signal. System control is simplified via the closed loop feedback circuit indicating the status of the lock.

10th December 2010
Mechanical combination lock from FDB offers simple fitment and operation

“KISS” is a well known injunction taken to heart daily by design engineers all over the world – and by the Panel Fittings specialists at FDB. This new Mechanical Combination Lock is designed to offer just that – simple fitment and simple operation with the benefits of a secure 4 digit user code.

29th November 2010
New anti-bacterial treatment for industrial hardware from FDB

Industrial hardware specialists FDB Panel Fittings can now offer a range of hardware that has been specifically treated to facilitate the prevention and control of bacterial infection. This new process is ideal for anything that is powder coated, as well as most moulded items such as grab rails and handles. Standard finish is black but most other colours are possible with anti-bacterial additive in the powder coat.

16th November 2010
New digital combination lock from FDB achieves IP54

FDB's new Digital Combination Lock (IP54) is battery operated allowing the user immediate and simple keypad access without the need for a key. Users have the flexibility to set and change their personal entry code whilst a preset master code ensures that supervisor access is always available. This innovative product can be programmed for dedicated single-user or multi-user “open access” mode and is suitable for a wide range of applications, i...

27th October 2010
New push fit joiner from FDB for 19 panels and equipment

FDB Panel Fittings have recently introduced a novel captive SNAP-Joiner which fits the standard 19 rack 9.5mm x 9.5mm cutout and is quicker and easier to use than the traditional screw with cup washer and cage nut. The SNAP-Joiner is ideal for quickly installing 19 front panels of electronic racking and for assembling other panels where rapid/removal is required.

13th October 2010
Clip fit rod guides from FDB save panel assembly time

FDB Panel Fittings have introduced a new clip fit guide for round locking rod systems to complement the flat rod version recently introduced. This round-rod-guide will suit all those panel builders using the traditional and cheaper round rod systems, while speeding assembly. Such multi-point rod mechanisms are common in larger cabinets from 1200mm to over 2m in height where they optimise clamping of door gaskets.

16th September 2010
Cabinet hinges from FDB - screw fit or snap-line

New from FDB Panel Fittings comes these 40mm long cast hinges with 180° capability and sealing capacity to IP65 with RH or LH operation. They will be of interest to specialist panel builders and installers of electrical or electronic cabinets where full door opening is required, either for maximum door clearance, e.g. for insertion of equipment – or for access to the rear of the door. They may be used on standalone enclosures/racks or on suite...

18th August 2010
New Product Inset T Handle Latch From Fdb For Vibration Prone Applications

This novel T handle latch from panel fittings specialist FDB addresses the need for an inset/flush locking system in situations such as truck or railway rolling stock side panels where vibration is also a significant problem, also including storage compartments on buses, coaches, commercial vehicles, gensets, machinery and equipment cabins.

18th June 2010
FDB make hinging simpler

This new concealed hinge from FDB Panel Fittings is ideal for nested doors such as 19” cabinets and wall mounted racks. It is also suitable for quick access side panels on stand-alone cabinets. The space saving design enables a simple clip-in fitting at both the top and bottom of the door with “no tools”, while a manually operated sprung pin allows for easy and quick installation/removal. Ingenious simplicity of this hinge assembly ensures ...

19th May 2010
New radius adapter from FDB makes a tidy job of corners

This novel new component from FDB Panel Fittings is expected to be a significant aid to panel builders seeking to improve the look of their enclosures, while saving time on the assembly process. By providing a quickly placed corner fillet the new radius adapter is not just a quick easy way to get a sealing strip around awkward square corners, but also enables fitting of screw retained covers with self-tapping screws, directly into the moulding wh...

19th April 2010
High speed rod guide from FDB

FDB Panel Fittings announced availability of a new clip-on rod guide for flat rods. This quick push on guide fits to an M6 weld stud and then accepts a clip-in industry standard 14x3mm flat rod. For multi-cabinet lock installations this is a definite advantage with fitting of each clip taking only a couple of seconds and ensuring perfect alignment – a variant for round rods is expected shortly.

18th March 2010
Significant advance in compression lock technology from FDB

The new Snap-Line compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings is believed to be a significant advance in compression lock technology. Combining as it does quick snap-in design and planetary roller cam motion which enables soft compression of door gaskets from 10mm to 20mm, this new half-turn IP65 latch is expected to find favour with designers, manufacturers and installers of vibration prone control equipment. This is expected to include constructi...

21st February 2010
1/4 turn spanner lock from FDB with FIAT insert

FDB Panel Fittings are delighted to now offer a new IP65 quarter-turn spanner lock that an only be opened by use of a special non-standard key. This new lock is provided with a FIAT insert making it ideal for situations where a conventional lock could be easily opened by unauthorised persons using readily available keys or simple tools.

21st January 2010
FDB Introduced Vandal Resistant Security For Cabinets

The Panel Fittings specialists at FDB can now provide greater security swinghandles for electrical/electronic/telco cabinets. These new IP65 swinghandles are especially designed for applications where security is a significant concern, specifically in situations where cabinets are exposed and accessible to the general public and for outdoor installations exposed to the weather where IP65 dust/water sealing is important.

4th November 2009
FDB announces snap-line panel fittings range

FDB Panel Fittings recently introduced the SNAP-LINE range of panel hardware components. This range of locks/handles, hinges, compression latches, quarter-turns, swinghandles, joining elements, pull handles and slam latches is likely to interest specialist enclosure or cabinet builders who are looking for a simple labour saving way to rationalise panel punching and subsequent assembly.

7th August 2009
Wide range of stainless steel panel fittings

Enclosure hardware specialists FDB Panel Fittings has announce da comprehensive range of stainless steel locks, hinges and handles suited to petrochemical plants, hospitals, food processing establishments, medical environments, outdoor installations, marine and offshore industries.

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