New push fit joiner from FDB for 19 panels and equipment

27th October 2010
ES Admin
FDB Panel Fittings have recently introduced a novel captive SNAP-Joiner which fits the standard 19 rack 9.5mm x 9.5mm cutout and is quicker and easier to use than the traditional screw with cup washer and cage nut. The SNAP-Joiner is ideal for quickly installing 19 front panels of electronic racking and for assembling other panels where rapid/removal is required.
SNAP-Joiner is simply punched into the front panel where it is held by spring clips, this assembly is then mated to the rear panel and the SNAP-Joiner core push fitted to activate spring wedges which accommodate a clamping range of up to 5.2mm in a vibration proof connection. Removal is simplicity itself with a 45° turn by cross-head screwdriver, thus meeting the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42EC.

This single component thus combines the function of captive screw with captive cage nut, without the need for specialist installation equipment and reducing inventory SKU’s. The simple push and snap insertion is not only faster (by up to 90%) than threaded options, but also minimises risk of cross-threading and of damage to sensitive equipment in the installation process.

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