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12th January 2023
Swinghandles address the needs of electronic installations far and wide

In considering hardware for electronic enclosures and cabinets, we have seen an increasing need for end-user applications involving more secure closure of data cabinets and modules – also for IT cabinets such as for data switching and data storage e.g., 19-inch racks.

20th April 2022
Dirak Swinghandle with combination lock and key cylinder

Multi-factor authentication for equipment locking is a growing demand in securing access to industrial enclosures and cabinets.

6th January 2022
Enclosure hardware from FDB Panel Fittings for electronic equipment

FDB Panel Fittings has noticed that in the past 30 years, electronic devices have almost completely replaced electrical controls and yet the type and style of housing have remained constant.

26th March 2019
Enclosure gasket sealing online

Sealing of enclosures or cabinet doors is made simple with the range of clip-fit, push-fit and self-adhesive sections from FDB Panel Fittings. These specialist profiles in EPDM, NBR, neoprene and PVC offer a quickly installed solution to maintaining good IP protection for panel builders, equipment manufacturers and vehicle constructors.

18th July 2018
Toolless assembly quarter-turn latch

The new program 1,000 EMKA toolless assembly quarter-turn latch from FDB Panel Fittings hopes to save up to 80% of assembly time (and a lot of fiddling around), while offering protection against dust and water ingress up to IP69K. 

29th January 2018
A universal key for railway applications

FDB Panel Fittings Managing Director, Gary Miles here talks about what he believes a modern day universal key for railway applications is. Miles explained: “In the railway industry we work with many different key types for various applications, requiring people to carry a lot of keys wherever they go. So we created a convenient and flexible product to better serve this industry – a universal key for 4 different inserts so that en...

Electrical and Electronic Equipment
7th June 2017
Data Centre Panel Fittings provide suitable solutions

  There is a need for low tech individual cabinet security within securely protected data centres and elsewhere, stand-alone Telco and data storage racks need their own individual protective locks.

Mechanical Components
17th May 2017
Cabinet locking program offers snap-in time saving installation

  The IP65 quarter-turn cabinet locking series from FDB Panel Fittings provides a toolless, snap-in time saving installation to fit industry standard mounting cut-outs.

8th October 2014
Hinges offer spring openings in free moving or torque mode

Designed for doors and opening panels in a range of environments, the 72 series spring hinges have been introduced by FDB Panel Fittings. The hinges feature a zero play mechanism with spring openings in free moving or torque mode and are also available with detent facility. They offer spring forces up to 0.70 Nm in sizes up to 67mm x 55mm, allowing selection for various door weights and dimensions.

29th July 2014
Torpedo hinge now available in black

The torpedo hinge, offered by FDB Panel Fittings, is now available in a “Black” version. The torpedo-style hinges are used in traditional chrome plated finish for electrical cabinets and enclosures, allowing doors to be quickly mounted or removed from frames.

18th October 2013
FDB lock assembly service now offers IP67 sealing

FDB Panel Fittings have today announced that its Rocfast program now covers the extra sealing requirements of high degrees of dust and water protection up to IP66 and IP67. FDB’s Rocfast program saves time, money and mistakes by guiding customers through the process of specification, component matching, ordering, assembly, packaging and logistics – direct to site – worldwide.

4th April 2013
Vandal resistant pignose bung lock from FDB Panel Fittings

The intriguingly named “pignose bung lock” from FDB Panel Fittings may just be the ultimate in vandal-resistant quarter-turn locks for roadside cabinets or other publicly accessible cabinets that need to stay secure.

8th February 2013
IP65 ¼ Turn Locks From FDB Panel Fittings

FDB Panel Fittings have today announce the launch of the Giussani NRM series of IP65 quarter-turn locks. The novel Giussani NRM series are not only super quick to fit because of their Box Rapid spring fixing, they are also comfortable and easy to operate with an integral finger pull design.

21st January 2013
New Key-Operated Compression Locks From FDB Panel Fittings

The new key-operated compression locks series from FDB Panel Fittings offers the unusual format of key operation in a compression latch thus providing added security of a key lock over the conventional tool compatible insert. Applications are expected to include vehicles, genset packs, railway rolling stock etc.

18th December 2012
Hardware Accessories For Aluminium Profiles From FDB Panel Fittings

FDB’s capability in supply of accessories for specialist equipment manufacturers is further enhanced by their capability in respect of Aluminium Profiles often used for equipment frameworks, cages or access panels.

3rd December 2012
'Invisible' Hinges From FDB Panel Fittings For Prestige & Office Doors

In the world of prestige interiors and offices, hinges can be either featured or hidden and it is this latter aspect which is addressed by the new range of “invisible” hinges from FDB Panel Fittings. These allow the door to be opened a full 180° whilst remaining very strong and unseen when closed. This is achieved by virtue of morticing the mechanism of a hinge into the door and frame and having precision engineered involuted arms or members...

27th September 2012
FDB consolidate range of Panel Fittings with Rocfast service pack

FDB have greatly added to and consolidated their range in recent months. FDB Panel Fittings are delighted that they now stock and supply to ISO 9001 an extensive range of locks, handles, hinges, seals and other panel hardware from stock at competitive prices with the benefit of their Rocfast custom assembly and packaging service.

28th August 2012
Traditional British Panel Hinges from FDB

The Traditional British 76mm Panel Hinge has been a mainstay of the UK’s panel building industry for many years so FDB Panel Fittings are pleased to now offer an updated and re-engineered series of these well-known panel mount “bullet” hinges, featuring improved low friction washer and cost reduced manufacture using the latest die-cast processes which provide enhanced rigidity with superior surface finish.

28th June 2012
Locks To Suit Arduous Service Conditions

FDB pulled all project strings together to successfully deal with a Middle East based enquiry from a client requiring locks for 18,000 galvanised steel boxes designed to house water meters. The specification called for a securing of the enclosure door with a plastic clip-in, quarter-turn latch – simple to fit and, bearing in mind the quantity, relatively low in cost.

13th June 2012
New Ooutdoor Lock For Low Temperatures

The new Type 1414 camlock from FDB Panel Fittings has been designed especially to be capable of withstanding exposure in the harshest environments for use in any environment that may be exposed to the elements; specifically roadside cabinets, communications pods, cable pillars and commercial vehicle security.

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