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29th May 2012
New Cable Management System From FDB Panel Fittings

Cable management accessories are a vital part of any rack installation in order to maximise performance and lay the basis for many years of reliable service. FDB’s new range of cable management devices enable optimised installation as they provide organisation, management and protection of cables housed inside cabinets in datacentres and telecommunications rooms.

11th May 2012
New Brand - Toggle Latches From Rocfast at FDB

The Rocfast brand at FDB Panel Fittings is expanding with this comprehensive range of toggle latches – or over-centre latches as they are sometimes called. Rocfast toggle latches have the advantage of being “quick release” but with the added benefit of not extending into the case or equipment being fastened.

7th March 2012
Panel Fittings range of gasket sealing profiles from FDB

One of the most important issues for enclosure manufacturers is the question of gasket sealing – what profile to choose, how to accommodate it and what sort of ingress protection does it provide? At FDB Panel Fittings a range of specialist products has been assembled ranging from simple closed cell rectangular rubber foam strips in natural rubber or neoprene, through window gaskets in EPDM, up to grooved clip-on profiles with hollow section. Sp...

29th February 2012
Flat pack enclosures with FDB and SNAP-LINE

As specialists in cabinet hardware and “Panel Fittings for Every Enclosure” FDB were excited by the possibilities of the SNAP-LINE range for use in fabricating flat pack enclosures as illustrated by the videos available on FDBs Website and Youtube channel. The D-SNAP technology has been designed for quick easy use and has been applied to a full range of components from panel joiners to hinges and swinghandles so that a complete assembly may b...

20th December 2011
Tool-less D-Snap assembly from FDB

Whether using D-SNAP components for assembly of a complete cabinet or just for the door furniture, the specialists at FDB Panel Fittings are convinced that the SNAP-LINE range of hinges, locks, handles and panel joiners can provide big time savings for enclosure production, enabling hardware to be installed without the use of tools or mounting hardware such as screws or nuts.

28th October 2011
New Products Phoenix Architectural Hinges From Fdb Panel Fittings

The Phoenix range of architectural hinges now available from FDB Panel Fittings offers a varied approach to hinging of pedestrian access doors with a range of safety and security features such as anti-ligature radiuses, hinge leaf cover plates, built-in dog bolts and flush welded hinge pins. Security pinned hinges and concealed wire conductor hinges (for use with electronic entry controls) are further variations on the security theme.

17th October 2011
Heavy Duty Architectural Hinges From FDB Panel Fittings

Designed for strength and attractive physical appearance the Phoenix range of heavy duty architectural hinges now available from FDB Panel Fittings demonstrates a high degree of performance with EN1935 test performance from grades 1 to 14 and with CERTIFIRE approvals. They are suitable for applications such as department stores, schools, bank doors, offices and residential installations. These situations of course include external doors (circa 16...

29th September 2011
New product Snap-in low profile swinghandle from FDB

The market for most products is truly global these days – so it is that this SNAP-LINE flat swinghandle originally designed for a US requirement is now brought to us by the good folks at FDB Panel Fittings who have spotted its advantages for UK specialist panel builders. This small, low profile swinghandle is ideal for enclosures and control panels where its “no-tools” snap-in fitment and resistance to vibration will be appreciated.

20th September 2011
Low Profile IP65 Compression Latch From FDB Panel Fittings

The new IP65 1071 compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings is especially compact – offering an unusually low profile of only 22mm in its open condition and yet providing 3mm of compression, thus enabling the benefits of compression lock technology to be achieved in situations where space is at a premium – such as vehicle applications or where an interior panel or other equipment requires clearance from the lock cam.

12th August 2011
Specialist Hinges And Sealing For Glass Doors From FDB

FDB Panel Fittings take very seriously the specialist areas of door and panel hardware – one such area is that which serves the fitment and operation of glass doors. The need for glass doors in 19” racks, office furniture and domestic cabinets is met by their new range of 304 and 316 grade stainless steel glass door hinges in satin finish, as well as polished, brass and bronze finishes – each installed without metal to glass contact.

22nd July 2011
New Products IP65 Tunnel Safety Systems from FDB Panel Fittings

Panel fittings specialists at FDB have taken a particular focus on an IP65 range of products for the tunnel/traffic control environment, where safety and reliability are of course paramount and primarily involves the use of high quality stainless steel ¼ turn locks, swinghandles and hinges with matching grade gaskets.

6th July 2011
FDB - IP67 Quarter-Turn Lock with SW13 Insert

FDB’s recent introduction of the IP67 ref 7-081 quarter-turn lock is good news for cabinet suppliers to the food processing and clean room industry sectors. By virtue of its specialist SW13 insert and key arrangement the 7-081 minimises traps for dirt and biological material.

29th June 2011

The new 54 series of hinges from the Panel Fittings specialists at FDB are designed with a view to optimising aesthetic style, lightness and strength. They are specifically intended for enclosures, 19 inch racks, cabinets, door panels in the specialist panel industry and for storage boxes, personal storage facilities, special machines etc where their curved style adds a certain design flair to the finished item.

19th May 2011
Wet area coin lock from FDB Panel Fittings

The new wet area coin lock recently introduced by the panel fitting experts at FDB is ideal for “pay for access – coin return” situations typical in swimming pool locker or group shower changing areas. It is ideally suited to personal lockers in these wet – or dry – “open access” environments where the coin lock can be specified to operate with a wide selection of coins or tokens and encourages the user to return their key and there...

10th May 2011
FDB launch Pocket Lock

The innovative Pocket Lock recently launched by FDB Panel Fittings has its primary use in areas where shared desking or lockers is required. The lock and key fit together to form a small pocket size “pod” which can be retained by the user and simply inserted into any vacant lock the following day. This maintains total flexibility whilst ensuring each user still has a secure storage or workspace during the day.

28th April 2011
IP65 compression latch from FDB with colour open/closed indicator

IP65 compression locks like the 1-077 from FDB Panel Fittings are becoming ever more popular for applications requiring quick and reliable door closure without rattling, even when subjected to significant vibration. It is therefore ideal for vehicle on-board cabinets, panels, compartment doors, as well as gen-set packs, HVAC equipment or similar.

19th April 2011
New joiner components from FDB

The D-SNAP range of panel assembly joiners, locks, hinges etc is designed to enable specialist cabinet builders to quickly fabricate housings with flat sheet into a robust structure. These new joiner components from FDB Panel Fittings operate to fasten two or more sheet metal panels together by simply pressing and snapping the joiner into prepared panel cutouts. They are ideal for fastening cabinet components, e.g. removable top or base and for r...

11th April 2011
Low profile safety 1/4 turn lock from FDB

FDB Panel Fittings range of stainless steel quarter-turn locks is further enhanced by the arrival of this 7-074 safety quarter-turn to IP65. This is suited to equipment access panels and enclosure doors for electrical controls or industrial electronic processors in applications where frequent wash-down or other safety considerations are important.

30th March 2011
Flush fit lever compression latch from FDB

With a minimal protrusion of 6mm the new 6-160 lever compression latch from FDB Panel Fittings provides all the benefits of compression closure with a recessed operating handle.

21st March 2011
1/4 turn lock from FDB has ultra-low profile

FDB have again added to their range of IP65 quarter-turn locks with this superb ultra-low profile 7-080 which stands just 3mm above the door so eliminating the hazard of clothing entanglement.

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