Heavy Duty Architectural Hinges From FDB Panel Fittings

17th October 2011
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Designed for strength and attractive physical appearance the Phoenix range of heavy duty architectural hinges now available from FDB Panel Fittings demonstrates a high degree of performance with EN1935 test performance from grades 1 to 14 and with CERTIFIRE approvals. They are suitable for applications such as department stores, schools, bank doors, offices and residential installations. These situations of course include external doors (circa 160kg), fire doors, internal doors and lightweight furniture/cupboards/wardrobes etc.
Variants within the FDB offering include the Loadmaster which is recommended for adjusted door weights up to and beyond 160kg, fitted with or without door closer devices, and annual usage up to 150,000 cycles. Dual bearing hinges – a hybrid five knuckle hinge incorporating two styles of bearing, plain knuckle bearings at the centre, and concealed or shrouded polymer bearings at the outer knuckle load bearing faces. Recommended for adjusted door weights up to 120kg, doors with or without all types of door closer and annual usage up to 200,000 cycles. Particularly suited for metal doorset applications.

The concealed bearing range incorporates a central knuckle on each hinge machined to take a stepped high technology polymer bush, requiring no lubrication and providing both vertical and lateral low friction with extremely low wear characteristics. Slimline hinges incorporate a unique design of solid extra deep turned phosphor bronze thrust washers and a slim knuckle diameter, resulting in a very aesthetically appealing product; they are suitable for 35mm to 54mm thick routinely used domestic, office and commercial doors.

Shrouded bearing types are lubrication free with high performance polymer bearings and smooth stainless steel washers to provide ball bearing levels of performance. Double washered hinges considerably enhance the performance of a plain bearing hinge by use of a pair of freely rotating stainless steel washers between each hinge knuckle. They are recommended for door weights of up to 60kg, with annual usage up to 25,000 cycles without or with only light duty door closer devices.

Plain knuckle hinges are suitable for use on a wide range of applications, including high quality joinery, such as cabinet and cupboard doors, through to internal dwelling doors. They are ideal where low door weight and low frequency of use are applicable. Further information on FDB Panel Fittings products and services may be found at: www.fdb.co.uk, find the latest information and news on the FDB blog – www.panelfittings.co.uk, or follow them on twitter: www.twitter.com/fdbpanelfitting.

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