Protective temperature-controlled enclosures for cameras

10th April 2024
Sheryl Miles

autoVimation now offers protective enclosures with Peltier temperature control for cameras with cross-sections up to 100 x 100mm and maximum lens diameters of 120mm.

The efficient and space-saving Turtle enclosures cool the built-in camera technology to up to 30°K below ambient temperature. They enable machine vision applications at ambient temperatures from –20°C to 70°C and thus in almost all climate zones and in warm industrial applications where water cooling installation is not possible or would be too complex.

The previous models have been tried and tested in active service in the hottest desert areas worldwide for 12 years.

Three control options are available: a compact internal controller only for cooling; a two-point external controller with automatic switching between heating and cooling; and exact thermal control, which keeps the camera at a specified temperature – especially for measurement applications that require top precision.

The UV and weather-resistant enclosures ensure reliable IP65 protection. The low-energy 24-V power supply can be realised with solar cells for autonomous operation in remote installations. The standard enclosures have internal lengths of 180mm and 250mm respectively. They are supplied with a front cover with a large 4″ BK7 window, with an aperture diameter of 88mm, suitable for large lenses.

The alternatively available flange lid allows the combination of the Turtle Elephant with all Orca extensions and front lids, such as 3″ dome windows for fisheye lenses, germanium windows for thermal imaging applications or the Meganova LED ring light from autoVimation. Furthermore, there is an extensive range of brackets and mounting kits for enclosure mounting.


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